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Rose Or Pink Gold - What Is It?

rose gold baby

Rose Gold and Pink Gold

 Pink Gold has always had a dedicated following but you may have noticed an increasingly rosey shade in the world of jewellery lately?  Just what is Rose or Pink Gold?
rose gold bangle
In terms of purity there is no difference between Yellow, White and Pink Gold, but Pink Gold has a distinctive glory of its own.  Pure gold is too soft for most wearable jewellery and other metals or alloys are added for strength and durability. The addition of alloys determines whether the gold will be 9ct, 18ct or higher, and it also determines the gold colour - Yellow, White or Pink.  Rose Gold is made with the addition of copper and silver alloys. Pink Gold has a little more silver and is a slightly softer pink than Rose Gold. 
Rose Gold is often associated with antique jewellery and was very popular in the 1920s.  On a personal note, the Rose Gold arm bangle on the right belonged to Giddy Aunt's Great Giddy Aunt and can be seen in action on the original wearer's arm*.  While pink coloured gold was ‘the cat’s whiskers’ in the first part of last century, it actually first appeared in Russia in the 1800s and was once called Russian Gold.  Rose Gold came to the world’s attention through Cartier’s Trinity Ring, a style also known as a Russian Ring or Russian Wedder
russian wedding ring
Rose Gold is the missing link in three tone or 'married metal' jewellery and combined with Silver or White Gold is stunning. 
rose gold earrings
Paired carefully, a Rose and Yellow Gold combination can also have an amazing effect, adding a touch of difference or antique style to a special piece.
Today’s Rose Gold pieces have a link with the past and stand apart from the rest and many fashion jewellers are producing rose plated pieces… but you can have the real thing to last generation after generation! All Oh My Giddy Aunt’s custom made pieces can be made in solid 9ct or 18ct Rose Gold.  If you don’t see it as an option on our site please just ask and we’ll be happy to help.

* .... and just on a personal note, Chief Giddy Aunt is very lucky to still have the bangle that belonged to her Great Aunt. While that bangle has been an important part of her story, she is also part of its story. A story that started nearly a century ago with another young woman, before passing along the hands and arms of other bangle-wearers until it reached this chapter. And this chapter will not be the end of the story as one day the bangle will be worn by someone else and the story will continue. A reminder that nobody's story begins or ends with them, everyone enters and leaves their stories somewhere in the middle. 


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