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Ring Clips - How to Use Them

ring clips in silver or goldRing Clips are handy solutions if you find a ring is a little too big and you don't want a jeweller to size it down for you. Ring clips are also great for children still growing into rings or for adults with larger knuckles who find their rings 'spin' on their fingers.

ring smaller with clipRing clips are flexible strips of sterling silver or 9ct gold that sit inside the ring band and move in and out as the ring is put on or taken off.  Ring Bands do not make a permanent change to your ring size but they are a simple and useful way to make rings tighter so they can be worn, and they look much better than the old-school trick of wrapping a bit of string or band-aid around the back of the band!

Fitting a ring clip is easy, but get out your glasses if you need them as they are tiny and you need good eyes. The tabs fold over the back of the ring so you won't see anything on the front of the ring.  A ring clip is not a permanent change to your ring and can be easily removed.  

Instructions for Fitting a Ring Clip

Ring clip sizes



Measure the width of the band of the ring you would like to clip the Ring Clip to. Choose the Ring Clip width and metal that best matches your ring band, eg 2mm, 3mm, 4mm in sterling silver or 9ct gold.




position ring clip in ring



Position the Ring Clip on the inside of the ring facing the back of the ring. If you would like it to be tighter, move the tabs to the widest point possible on the ring.  





fitting a ring clip



Gently fold or wrap the Ring Clip tabs over the ring so they sit as smoothly as possible in place.  If you don't have fine nose pliers you may be able to do this with very strong fingers or by gently rolling the tab and ring against the edge of a table.  It is important to wrap the tabs as neatly and firmly as you can around the ring band as opening and closing the tabs too often will cause them to break. 



That's it!  The Ring Clip is flexible and will adjust in and out as it goes over your knuckle.  With care you can slide the Ring Clip around the band to adjust it a little.  You can also ease the clip away from the ring band a little if you notice it getting flat over time. 

If you need a more permanent change to the size of your ring, or your ring is a very heavy or big ring, a visit to the jeweller is best.


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