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Remember Me Always - Forget Me Not

forget me not jewelleryBrowse the Giddy collection and you'll find one tiny flower featured more than any other.  The precious little Forget Me Not.  This sweet flower is more than just a pretty face!  Forget-Me-Not jewellery has held special meaning for centuries and still tells stories of connection, love and remembering.

In the flower world Myosotis is a genus of flowering plants in the family Boraginaceae. The name Myosotis comes from the Ancient Greek "mouse ear" because the foliage and petals look a little like the little ears of mice!  The flowers are often blue and yellow, but they can also be found in other colours including pink, purple and white.


Forget Me Not Story

forget me not flowerTwo traditional legends explain how these flowers came to mean "forget me not". 

The first story is a Greek legend.  When the gods were assigning colours to the flowers, one sweet little blossom was nearly overlooked and was heard softly whispering "forget me not".  Pale blue was the only remaining colour and fortunately the little Forget Me Not was remembered!

You may also have heard the story of a German knight who was walking with his Lady along the bank of the Danube River?  She noticed a patch of sweet little blue flowers that were about to be washed away with the river.  The gallant knight jumped in the water and rescued the flowers by throwing them on to the riverbank, but unfortunately he became caught in the current and was swept away, calling as he went "vergessen Sie mich nicht" - "forget me not"!

The Lady took his last words to heart and called the little flowers Forget Me Nots and wore them every day for the rest of her life.

Meaning of Forget Me Not Flower Symbols

forget me not rose gold studs australiaThe meaning of flowers has been popular especially since Victorian times and jewellery often contains symbols or hidden meanings; but with these sweet flowers the clue is pretty much in the name! 

Most often Forget Me Nots in jewellery are a symbol of someone who will be remembered always or never forgotten. A loved one who will be forever in your heart, no matter where they are.

Forget me nots are a popular emblem used on lockets or remembrance jewellery but they are also used to tell a story of a special occasion or a milestone in life never to be forgotten.

The simple little forget me not can be used to signify friendship or love. They can tell a story of faithfulness and connections that will never be broken.

Forget me nots were included in the floral emblem of King Henry IV and are also associated with luck and protection.

Forget Me Not Keepsakes & Jewellery

forget me not charmsForget me nots in rings, charms, pendants, earrings or engraved on keepsakes still tell all sorts of stories for family, friends and loved ones.  They may be given or worn as a gift of remembrance or true love. 

A forget me not may also be given to celebrate a birthday or special occasion or milestone or for someone off on a new adventure, to remember the past and for good fortune and protection for the future.

Oh My Giddy Aunt's signature Keepsake Hearts feature three forget me not flowers on the back, one for love, one for luck and one to be remembered always.



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