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Ready Made or Australian Made Lockets

heart shaped locketsWhy is there such a difference between locket prices? 
Why do some lockets feel heavy while others feel light... and which is better?
What does it mean when we say a locket has been cast or machine pressed? 
So many questions about lockets, but please rest assured - your Giddy Aunts are here to help!
oval locket personalised

What is a Locket?

A locket is usually a pendant that opens to keep photos, keepsakes or mementos close to the wearer's heart. Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold Lockets can be made in all shapes and sizes. Lockets are usually made in precious metal as they are meaningful pieces of jewellery, designed to tell a precious story to be treasured.  Lockets are usually worn on a chain around the neck as this is the safest place for precious jewellery although they can also be worn as locket rings, cufflinks or charms.
harmony ball locketsDifferent lockets are made to hold different things.  Some lockets hold photos, small keepsakes, locks of hair, a sprinkle of sand, earth or ash, scent or anything precious you would like to keep close at heart. Some opening lockets, such as the Bella Donna Silver pendants open to hold a little ball of harmony, to remind the wearer they are loved, each time they hear a little tinkle.

Solid Gold or Sterling Silver Lockets?

The precious metal used to make the locket determines the price of the locket, although some small, pressed 9ct gold lockets may cost less than a heavy, cast sterling silver locket.  Both pressed and cast lockets are beautiful pieces of jewellery, depending on the look and value you would like.

Ready Made Lockets

plain locketsThese days most readymade lockets are pressed by machine.  Pressing lockets has lots of advantages; it means the lockets are thinner and don't cost as much to make or buy in sterling silver or 9ct gold. It also means they can be aligned perfectly and hinges and clasps or closing systems can be finer and more precise too. However, lighter, pressed lockets must be worn and cared for gently - no biting closed unless you want a dented locket!


Custom Made Lockets

9ct gold photoball locketIf you would like a sturdier, heavier locket you'll need a hand-made or cast locket. Sadly, there are only a handful of Australian locket makers left, but your Giddy Aunts know where they are, and we love them!  Cast and hand-made lockets are weighty enough to set with birthstones or diamonds, engrave with inscriptions or personalise with soldered letters. Of course while any jewellery can break if it is not treated properly, cast lockets can usually be repaired if damaged, but it is still not a good idea to bite a cast locket - it will really hurt your teeth!

Which Locket Should I Choose?

engraved locketsThere is a time and place for both pressed and cast locket styles.  A child's first locket is often a pressed locket in a smaller size as this is a precious piece of jewellery that is not so expensive that a child would be too nervous to wear it.  Pressed lockets are also lighter to wear and ready made, so you will find pressed lockets in stock and ready to send if a gift is needed ASAP.
Some people will only wear 9ct gold or sterling silver and a pressed locket provides a solid gold option at an affordable price. Pressed lockets are also sometimes available in two-tone so the pendant can be worn with different outfits.9ct gold and diamond locket
Heirloom lockets are often custom made and cast lockets to treasure always.  These means you can choose to design a locket just the way you would like it but making jewellery to order does take a little time.
If you would like help to choose the perfect locket for yourself or as a gift please feel free to contact us - we are always happy to help!


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