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Questions to ask when choosing a bangle

Maybe you've been dreaming of the perfect bangle all your life. Or maybe you want a precious, forever bangle, but just need to work out the details.  Fabulous!  Your Giddy Aunts are here to help create a bangle that will be just right.  Simply answer the following questions, or contact us, and you'll be on your way to the perfect bangle, custom-made just for you.


1. Bangle Metal

Would you like sterling silver or 9ct or 18ct yellow, rose or white gold? Just about all Oh My Giddy Aunt custom-made bangles can be made in just about all precious metals.  More information about gold or silver.



2. Bangle Wrist Shape

Would you like your bangle to be in a round wrist shape or an oval wrist shape? Imagine the difference between a round circle around your wrist or an oval shape around your wrist.  Most of Oh My Giddy Aunt's Australian made bangles can be made in either a round wrist shape or an oval wrist shape.  



3. Bangle Profile

The shape of the metal the bangle is made from is called the profile. Would you like the profile of your bangle to be round, oval, half-round, flat... or other? More information on profiles.



hollow or solid bangles

4. Solid or Hollow Bangle

Would you like a bangle that is solid metal all the way through or hollow inside?  Both options have advantages and suit different needs. More information on solid or hollow bangles. 




bangle widths

5. Bangle Width

Do you want your bangle to be fine and delicate, big and chunky, or somewhere in between?  Custom made bangles can be made in widths from 2mm to 12mm. 



bangle size

6. Bangle Size

Possibly the most important question of all! Do you know your bangle size?  If the bangle is for someone else, what size do they need and will it need to be upsized later?  Most solid bangles can be extended by a jeweller at a later date but sometimes this can be costly.  It is always best to try and work out the best size first. More information on bangle sizes.


laser engraved bangles7. Personalised Bangle

Would you like to add a little something to make your bangle personal or meaningful?   Solid gold and sterling silver bangles can be hand-engraved or laser engraved, some can also be set with birthstones.  If you have an idea please just let us know and we will be happy to help.



gold banglse

8. Bangle Guarantee

How long will your bangle last? Oh My Giddy Aunt's custom-made bangles are made in Australia and have a lifetime manufacturing guarantee excluding wear and tear.  The lifetime of a bangle will depend on the amount of metal in the bangle, whether it has any moving parts or has been set with stones and how it is treated. Worn and cleaned with appropriate care, sterling silver and solid gold bangles can enjoy more than one lifetime! More information here.

That's about it!  If you have an idea now about the bangle you would love, contact your Giddy Aunts and we'll be happy to help with as many options and ideas as you would like until we find your 'Goldilocks - just right bangle!


PS Oh My Giddy Aunt also has an impressive range of readymade, ready to send bangles in sterling silver too!




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