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Puzzle Ring Meanings and Stories

puzzle ring meaningAre you fascinated by Puzzle Rings?  Beautifully made, intricate bands that fit together to create a single band.  Today, puzzle rings have unique and personal meanings but the story of the Puzzle Ring is intertwined with history and perhaps a little myth.





What is a Puzzle Ring?

interlocking puzzle ringPuzzle rings are made with multiple bands of sterling silver or solid yellow, rose or white gold that interlock to form a design.  Puzzle Ring bands are usually linked through each other and sit together in the formation when worn. As each band is individually made, a custom-made puzzle ring can be made in two or three tones of gold to highlight the pattern and intricacy. 

Some people have their puzzle ring bands soldered together if the puzzle becomes too puzzling, while others may choose a 'one piece' puzzle or knot ring that looks like a puzzle from the front but is actually a single band. Other rings such as the Honeycomb Ring may fit together but a traditional puzzle ring interlocks.

Puzzle Ring Meanings

five band puzzleMany stories and meanings can be told by these intriguing rings.  Puzzle rings are the perfect metaphor for the interconnection of life.  One way or another we all fit together - sometimes it can take a little work, sometimes it just slots right into place! 

The bands can also be used to represent life's stories: a band for the Past, a band for the Present and a band for the Future. Three band puzzle rings are also used to embody the integral elements of marriage or a union: Body, Mind and Spirit.

Two band puzzle rings may signify the joining of two lives, or the connection between two hearts and two minds.

Oh My Giddy Aunt's Australian made puzzle rings can be made with two, three, four or five bands, and for some people, the bands can also represent loved ones or achievements in life and are often worn as anniversary, milestone birthday, wedding or love bands.


Turkish Puzzle Rings

wedding puzzle ringSometimes puzzle rings are called "Turkish Wedding" or "Harem" rings with the story that the ring couldn't be removed without the band falling apart and an unfaithful spouse wouldn't be able to put the puzzle back together again before the naked finger was noticed! 

However.  As puzzle rings can easily be taken off without the bands falling apart, this story is most likely just that. A story!  


Puzzle Ring Sizes

Oh My Giddy Aunt's Puzzle Rings are made to order in the size and metal required. Puzzle rings are made using multiple bands so it is a good idea to get the size right and avoid multiple band resizing.  If you would like help working out your ring size or the perfect puzzle ring please contact us and we will be very happy to help!


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