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Platypus Naming Day!

platypus brooch or pendantNaming days, Christenings and other name-giving special occasions are important chapters in the stories of our lives.  Baby names are considered to be the beginning of an identity, however many people's names have stories that go back long before their birth and will continue into the future.

Some of us love the name we were given - while others may wish their parents had made different choices.  Some names come in and out of fashion and some names are timeless.  Some names have been spelt the same way for generations and some names are given a new twist that has never been seen before!


How Did the Platypus Get Its Name?

The next time you're thinking about names please spare a thought for the Platypus.  Australia's fabulous platypus has many monikers - and all of them are pretty decent tongue twisters! Australia's first people have different names for the platypus, including boondaburra, mallingong and tambreet.  Early British colonists called the platypus a "water mole" and in 1799 the animal received the name Platypus anatinus, from Greek and Latin words meaning "flat-footed, duck-like". While this name was quite apt, a new 'everyday' name had to be found because the name "platypus" had already been used to name a group of beetles.

platypus charmThe official scientific name is Ornithorhynchus anatinus. The first word means"bird-like snout" although Duckbill is still widely used. Over the years the abandoned scientific name "platypus" gradually became the accepted common name. 

Contrary to popular belief and giggles, the preferred plural of platypus is no longer "platypi" but either "platypus" or "platypuses".



Oh My Giddy Aunt's fascination with platypuses is evident in our collection of brooches, platypus charms, pendants, bookmarks, baby and Naming Day jewellery.  It seems only fitting that one of the most befuddly-dubbed creatures should participate in the naming celebrations of others! 

platypus bookmark keepsake
"What's in a name?" you may well declare that 
A rose, by another, smells sweet - 
But ask Platypus if a name matters 
To the most befuddley-dubbed creature you'll meet. 

Called "Duckbill Platypus" by some,
while others say "Water Mole", "Boondaburra" or "Tambreet" -
But imagine being called "Ornithorhynchus Anatinus" 
Each introduction requires a repeat! 


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