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Pewter or Silver Keepsakes - What's the Difference?

pewter mug

Pewter or Sterling Silver?

Silver is a traditional way to commemorate special occasions. Sterling silver cups, spoons, rattles, pillboxes and napkin rings are heirloom treasures, but all that shines is not silver.  Another traditional option is pewter. While pewter doesn't have the bright shine (or expense) of sterling silver, it does have a lovely warm sheen that tells stories of yesterday for tomorrow. However, unlike sterling silver's strict manufacturing guidelines, there is pewter... and there is pewter.  

pewter thimble

When buying pewter, make sure your keepsake will be a keepsake by choosing pewter from a trusted seller.  They will have ensured their manufacturers are reputable and the products are of a quality you would expect.  Pewter should also be lead free.  


Pewter tableware and dishes can be used everyday.  Never wash pewter in dishwashers, but simply wash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.  Pewter is a soft metal and can be scratched if rubbed with a hard cloth or in circles. pewter hip flask

Tankards and hip flasks have traditionally been made in pewter but are not suitable for carbonated drinks.  Alcohol should not be left in hip flasks for more than 24 hours. 

pewter santaPewter ornaments only need an occasional soft polish. Pewter is often hand-painted or decorated and care should be taken when cleaning these items.

Oh My Giddy Aunt is proud to stock handmade pewter from skilled manufacturers including British Pewter and the English Pewter Company. Sheffield has been the home of pewter production for over four centuries and pewter is still made with skills that have been passed down generation after generation. The new wine bottle coasters are a wonderful example of a traditional craft finding a place in a modern world.


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