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Personalised Christening, Naming Day or Baptism Gifts

baby christening mugWhy are traditional baby Christening gifts engraved with names or personalised? Other first gifts include cuddly toys or cute outfits, but Christening, Naming Day or Baptism gifts are usually keepsakes, especially when given by parents, grandparents, godparents or close family and friends.  

Baby Christening Gifts

While different cultures have different traditions some Christening gifts for baby boys and girls are always at the top of the Oh My Giddy Aunt perennial favourite list and have been popular for generations. Baby's naming ceremony is recorded with baby's name on a gift to keep and some past keepsakes may still be found in family treasure boxes, perhaps with Great-Grandpa's name or first little teething marks many years later!

Christening Jewellery for Babies

Baby brooches, ID bracelets or bangles engraved with a name, date or message often commemorate this precious milestone.  Engraved keepsakes in sterling silver or solid 9ct gold, or even knotted pearls can be worn by baby and may be worn or sized-up as baby grows. 

pearls for baby

Some precious jewellery, such as engraved lockets, cuff links or signet rings are given as Christening gifts but are put away to be worn when baby has grown. Oh My Giddy Aunt has several designs such as the BeBe Blocks and Keepsake Hearts that can be worn by babies, children and adults at all ages and stages. A first precious piece of jewellery is a popular keepsake gift as it may also be worn to the Christening too.

Sterling Silver or Pewter Tableware

Giving silver as a valued gift was historically linked with a prosperous start in life and "being born with a silver spoon in your mouth" comes from the idea that only the privileged could afford to give such precious baby gifts such as baby rattles. In Victorian times the growing middle classes also embraced gifts of value and the tradition of giving silver in the form of cups, napkin rings and spoons was firmly established.  Today, gifts may be sterling silver or more affordable silver coloured metals such as pewter, aluminium or silver plate but the sentiment remains the same. Engraved with a name, special occasion or date, a gift of silver is a "keep forever" gift.

Christening Gifts for Girls or Boys?

Aside from the pink and blue bows there is often little difference between precious Christening gifts for baby boys or baby girls. Precious jewellery and engraved mementos are treasured by everyone and baby boys wear name brooches, bracelets and bangles and little girls love rattles or their very own first precious spoon or mug engraved with their name.

While many gifts listed in this blog have been popular for generations, it is also lovely to see new traditions emerging such as the engraved Compasses for little ones setting off on the journey of life!  Personalised with a meaningful message, a keepsake to be kept as a reminder of those who have welcomed baby into the world and will guide their footsteps as they go through life.


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