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New Giddy Goodies for June

Are you a dog person, a cat person or both? At Oh My Giddy Aunt, we have something for everyone in the latest New Giddy Goodies!

 dachshund dog charm long

Mr Wiggles Dachshund Pendant

This handsome fellow is called Mr Wiggles and the gorgeous pendant he has inspired, and models, really lives up to its name - with a wiggly head! Remember nodding dogs?  Sterling Silver pendants, for humans to wear is just the thing for the Dach-Dog Fans in the story of your life.



sleek cat earrings silver

Sleek Cat Earrings

Did someone say Cattitude?! Stylish, elegant and just a little aloof... does this sound like any feline you know? 


 lady beetle jewellery

Lady Bug, Lady Beetle or Glueckskaefer?

Ladybeetles have been a popular jewellery design for generations, and not just because they are gorgeous. They also tell a story of good luck.  In fact, Glueckskaefer is German for Lucky Beetle! Someone will be very lucky to receive a pair of these. Bigger Beetles for adults or older children.  



 girls pearls

Poppy Pearls

Do you know what a Keshi pearl is?  Keshi is the Japanese word for Poppy and it is just perfect for this beautiful new range of freshwater pearl jewellery for children.  Individually knotted pearls with sterling silver clasps, in traditional white or pink!


 ash pendant cross


Rope Cross Pendant

Keepsakes tell all sorts of stories.  Sometimes the story is kept safely inside, known only to the wearer.  The Rope Cross is an opening pendant with a top that unscrews so you can keep precious mementos close at heart.


round golf bangle silverThank you so much again for being a little bit giddy.  We know there are still many challenges ahead and we hope you are keeping well and getting safely through this extraordinary chapter, with courage and strength. 

Things may be changing, but we're as committed as ever to helping you with personal keepsakes with meaning. All of our made-to-order jewellery is still made to order in Australia and we are so thrilled to see some of the wheels turning again -  especially our beloved golf bangles - in production again in sterling silver and 9ct yellow or rose gold.  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and your patience over this time. 

Chief Giddy Aunt and the ExtraextraordinaryElves!




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