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Navigating the Charming World of Charms

What is a Traditional Charm?

Traditional Charms are back!  According to charm-loving Chief Giddy Aunt they never went away, but over the past few years there have been a few changes in the way we collect and wear charms.

Whether charms thread on, clip on, or are permanently attached, a collection of charms on a bracelet or bangle is like a little 3d ‘photo album’ or diary.  Each charm usually represents a person, place, feeling or time. Just looking at that charm or holding it in your hand can bring memories flooding back.child jewellery

Most people remember traditional charm bracelets from their childhood.  They either had a treasured charm bracelet of their own or they have fond memories of sitting on someone’s lap, playing quietly with each fascinating, tinkling charm and hearing the stories behind it.

Chief Giddy Aunt Nikki understands the reasons these little pieces of sterling silver or solid gold are precious beyond the value of the metal.  Nikki believes "Our stories connect us.  Keepsakes and charms help us record and tell those stories in a very tangible way”.

charm braceletUntil recently charm bracelets were added to over the years with charms given as special occasion gifts to celebrate or commemorate an important milestone such as turning 16, graduating or travelling overseas. Charms and bracelets were made in sterling silver or solid gold as they were valued as lifetime pieces, not disposable, costume jewellery.

When charms entered the fashion market there was more demand for ‘readymade’ or themed charm bracelets and bangles already jingling with charms that often still represented loves and loved ones.

Today there are many styles of charm bracelets but the sentiment and the desire for symbolic charms tell a personal or family story is still at the heart of it all. It is still one of life’s memorable moments when a child is given their very first charm bracelet; the beginning of their own story. Oh My Giddy Aunt’s Heart Starter Charm Bracelet is personalised with a hand-engraved name or initial as the very first charm before the collection begins. keepsake heart starter charm bracelet
Oh My Giddy Aunt specialises in Australian custom made and ready-made bead, clip-on and traditional charms to represent just about every interest, sport, activity, event or occasion you can think of. Some timeless designs in the range date back over 100 years, however some of the new additions, such as mobile phones charms, seem to date very quickly!  In addition to the thousands of charms available online, Oh My Giddy Aunt will also source or make a charm just for you if you can’t find the one needed for your collection.

If you need a little help navigating the charming world of charms you might find Giddy Aunts "Charm Attaching Options” a great place to begin the journey! 
This article was first published in Haven Magazine and your Giddy Aunts thank them for the gorgeous image of a little Charm Navigator!


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