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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

mother handsMother's Day is about saying "thank you".  It can also be a day to celebrate, a day to commemorate, a day to remember or a day to reflect.  Choosing a gift for Mother's Day can be as little and thoughtful, or as big and memorable as you would like. In some families, each child gives mum a token of appreciation.  Some families all 'chip in' and organise one present from everyone. Some families have 3 generations of mums to celebrate on the day and some families are so complicated they may choose Afternoon Tea instead! Flowers, Chocolates or Jewellery are top picks for Mother's Day gifts but there are lots of other gift ideas to show mum you care.  We've put together a Top 10 for a little inspiration.

  • mothers photo ballLockets - a traditional way to keep loved ones close at heart. To save Mum playing favourites, perhaps consider a photoball or multiple photo locket!

  • Harmony Balls - chiming ball pendants, bracelets and earrings available in every size, every precious metal and every design to suit every mum. Tell mum she will know you are thinking of her each time she hears the tinkles.

  • Flower Themed Jewellery - giving a bunch of flowers is a lovely thing to do - but giving 'keep forever' flowers in sterling silver or 9ct gold will be treasured always.

  • mothers ringsMother's & Family Rings - set with a birthstone to represent everyone in the family, made in Australia in antique and contemporary designs.

  • Bangles - you can bet there is a bangle Mum has always wished for!  Maybe perfectly plain sterling silver or 9ct or 18ct gold, or personalised with names, birthstones or charms to tell the story of her family.

  • earrings for mumEarrings - a pair of earrings can be as simple as a little pair of flower studs, or as elaborate as a beautiful pair of stone set dangles. Just make sure Mum has pierced ears first!

  • pearl necklacePearls - freshwater pearl earrings, bracelets, pendants or necklaces will be worn with love.

  • Bookmarks - keepsakes don't have to be jewellery.  The Book Loving mum will love a keep forever bookmark, made or personalised just for her

  • personalised key ringsKeyrings - for the Mother going places! Personalise a key ring with names or charms to tell a story all about her.

  • Magnifying Glasses - don't laugh! Until you have one you may not appreciate just how handy these are. Elegant and practical... and personalised with a message for Mum to let her know the BIG part she plays in your life!
magnifying glass



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