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More than Apples - Teacher Gift Ideas

apple charm silver or goldIt's about now that the search for teacher gift ideas for the end of the school year gets serious! Just what is the best way to show appreciation for a hardworking, caring teacher or coach - or in the words of the song, how do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfumes?

year key 2019 silverIn Australia, students or parents traditionally present teachers with a card or small gift at the end of the year as a token of thanks.  Sometimes an organised class or team will get together and present a teacher appreciation gift from the whole group; a great way to ensure the year is remembered always!


But... Why Give the Teacher an Apple? 

Apple gift for teacher engravedToday's children may think apples have something to do with iphones, but the tradition of giving a teacher an actual apple started when your Great-Great Grannie's Great-Giddy Aunt was a baby. Possibly even before! With the introduction of democratic schooling, farming families gave teachers apples, potatoes and other home-grown goods to contribute towards teachers' wages and the operational costs of small, local schools.  As schooling systems became more sophisticated, the gift of a sweet, shiny apple became more of a symbolic gesture and created the tradition of 'thanks' that we think of today. Apples are also considered to be the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge so perhaps an apple gift is a reference to the knowledge shared between the teacher and student, and back again.


Little Tokens of Thanks

harmony balls silverToday students and parents are more likely to give teachers hand-written notes or cards, chocolates, soap, candles or perhaps even a bottle of wine or a glass to drink it from?  Personal gifts such as a little pair of earrings, a pendant or charm that aligns to a teacher's interests are also given when parents and teachers have developed a personal relationship during the year.

Harmony balls of all sizes can be worn as pendants, earrings, bookmarks or keyrings and are a fabulous way to thank a teacher for their hard work over origami cranethe year and wish them harmony for the holidays!

Or for something a little different, an Oh My Giddy Aunt sterling silver origami crane, engraved with the year and worn as a pendant or added to a bookmark or keyring is a wish for long life, prosperity, good health and peace - and a lovely way to show thanks. 


Useful and Personal Gifts

engraved coach whistleSomething the teacher can use, with a personal touch, is a gift of appreciation that will also be appreciated.  Coaches' Whistles, engraved with a name, message or year are popular gifts for teachers, coaches, team-leaders and anyone who needs to call for attention!

Bookmarks, keyrings, money clips and useful keepsakes can all be engraved with a message or quote to remind the teacher of 'the year that was' each time it is used.



Keep Forever Gifts for Teachers

engraved compassesThe days of a Gold Watch may be over but these days there are plenty of other ideas to present as a special thank you, or to recognise a long term or teaching achievement.  Wooden puzzles and games or something that will take pride of place as a bookshelf or desk gift, such as an engraved compass, magnifying glass or even a sandglass, stormglass or bell, engraved with a name, date or meaningful message will serve as a meaningful reminder with a personal touch.

Just about everything in the Oh My Giddy Aunt Range can be personalised with hand-engraving.  Browse through our Thank You Gift suggestions, or send us an email. We are always happy to help with something a little special!


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