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Mmm... Jewellery (the 3 Ms you need to know)

What Are the Three M Rules in Jewellery

Your Giddy Aunt was recently asked a very important question by Biscuit Magazine.  We hope you find the answer helpful... especially Giddy's 3 Ms.

What should people be thinking about when choosing a piece of jewelry? 

'Fit for purpose' and 'you can't afford to buy cheap' are two great rules of thumb. Think about what you want the jewellery for. If you just want something as a fashion accessory that is fine but just like anything else that is in fashion one day you can expect it to go out of fashion the next. Similarly if you are paying $20 for jewellery you can really only expect $20 worth of wear out of it. However if you are after a keepsake it is important that you look for something in a solid metal - sterling silver or 9ct gold is most typical in Australia. 

Choose something that is versatile; that can be worn in several different ways. A single heart pendant you might wear on a chain by itself with a light dress might also look great on a heavier chain with several other pendants for a different occasion. A classic belcher chain necklace that can be done up at several points along the links means you can wear it as a long chain or a short chain... or even as a bracelet. 

Buying online takes a little more care as you don't actually have the piece in your hand and you will need to read the information given. We do everything we can to ensure the customer knows what they are getting but sometimes reading the information in the product descriptions can be a little like reading the 'instructions' that come with a new gadget!  In the long run it is still much better to read and know what you are getting. 

The main things to check for are Giddy Aunt's three Ms:

1. Metal - know what the jewellery is made from. If you are not sure about the difference between solid and plated jewellery there is a lot of information on most jewellery websites. Product descriptions should clearly state the metals or materials used and that will also match the hallmarking on the piece you order.

2. Manufacture - will it be custom made?  If so, how long will it take? Is it ready to send?  Is there anything you need to know about who has made it or where it is made?

3. Measurements - online, everything looks bigger!  Make sure you read the dimensions given so you know what to expect. 

It goes without saying that you should also checkout the website you are dealing with, make sure they are reliable, secure, have a good track record and you are happy with their guarantees and return policies.


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