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Making Tubular Bangles in Silver or Gold

Tubular or Hollow Bangles

 Oh My Giddy Aunt's custom-made bangles are created using different methods depending on your style, weight and price preferences, resulting in solid bangles or tubular bangles.  

Sterling silver or solid 9ct gold tubular bangles look the same as solid bangles but are hollow inside and not as heavy or expensive as a completely solid bangle.  

Oh My Giddy Aunt's Tubular Bangles are hand made in solid 9ct yellow, rose or white gold. They are not plated, and the gold or silver won't rub off.

The strength of the bangle is in the thickness of the 'tube' used to create the bangle and while tubular bangles may pick up little dents along the way, worn appropriately they will still last a lifetime, or more, and any dents or bumps add to the bangle's story. Tubular bangles made from solid gold can also be recycled... should that time ever come.

bangles oval or round

Tubular Bangles can be made in ROUND or OVAL profiles and round or oval wrist shapes. Round tubular bangles are also known as Golf Bangles and will give you the biggest bangle possible and will need the most precious metal to create. Oval shaped bangles still provide the height without the width and because they don't require as much precious metal to make, they cost a little less.  

Round and Oval shaped bangles are picture together above and below to demonstrate the difference. The illustration of the cross sections of round and oval tubes also shows the shape of the bangle.

oval and round bangle

Oh My Giddy Aunt's solid gold tubular bangles are made to measure by Australian jewellers who have been making beautiful gold jewellery in Australia for over thirty years.  

If you would like a bangle custom made for you, please contact us and we will be happy to help with suggestions and prices for just about any style, shape or size under the sun!

Further information about bangle styles or bangles for purchase is on our website.



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