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Looking for Lockets

photo locketsFinding the perfect locket is much easier when you know what to look for.  At first glance the world of opening and closing lockets may seem bamboozling but with Giddy Aunt's tips you'll have a beautiful locket chosen before you can say "Open Sesame"! 


Locket Styles and Uses

How will your locket will be used?  Will it hold a photo or will it hold multiple photos? A locket may be used to make a coin pendant or thicker lockets can be used for small mementos or treasures.  Aromatherapy or perfume lockets have filigree lacework to allow the scent to escape.  Sealed lockets can be used for a sprinkle of earth or ashes.  Glass lockets may be used to display a tiny fragment of paper, material or a lock of hair, or they can be sealed closed with a secret known only to the wearer.  Oh My Giddy Aunt Lockets are listed along with their purpose, but if you have an idea and you are not sure of the locket style you need, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Different Locket Shapes

photo ball memory locketThe purpose of a locket can influence the shape but more often the shape will be a matter of personal preference.  Some people love heart shaped lockets, some people love a plain round, square or oval pendants. Some shapes, such as crosses and hearts have their own meanings.  Other lockets like the Photoball or Memory Ball Lockets are shaped in a round ball shape so the photo discs can concertina open and closed.


What are Lockets Made From?

silver and gold locketsLockets can be made from all sorts of precious metals and materials but if a locket is to be a keep forever piece, sterling silver or 9ct or 18ct gold is most often used.  Stainless steel lockets are also long wearing and can be suitable for ashes or mementos.  Plated or non-precious metal lockets are usually only costume jewellery and will not last. 

Oh My Giddy Aunt's sterling silver and solid gold keepsake jewellery is designed to be treasured and is all hallmarked accordingly. The description of each piece will also state whether it is sterling silver or 9ct or 18ct gold.



Why are Lockets Different Prices?

The weight of the precious metal used and the way the locket is made will determine the price.  Lockets need to open and close and getting the locket mechanism to work properly and precisely takes experience and skill.  These days most ready-made lockets are pressed or stamped by machine which makes them precision perfect.  It also means they can be made with a lighter amount of precious metal which keeps the price down.

antique style locketOh My Giddy Aunt also has custom made lockets that are cast and are a lot heavier than mass-produced pressed lockets. Heavier, individually made lockets require more work and precious metal which also results in a bigger price tag.  Personalised custom made lockets can be set with diamonds or birthstones, or personalised with soldered or engraved letters.  Pressed lockets can be hand-engraved but if they are to be set with stones it is usually only done at the time of manufacture.

Lighter pressed lockets can be damaged if they are treated roughly, opened too far or bitten. It is much harder to bite a cast locket - without breaking a tooth!

Lockets are usually worn as necklaces for a couple of reasons.  Lockets keep precious memories close at heart, and a pendant worn around the neck is much safer and less likely to be banged or bumped about.

If you would like suggestions to help choose the perfect locket for yourself or as a gift, please contact Oh My Giddy Aunt!  We are always happy to help.


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