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Kaitlin's Charming Story, Circa 2018

kaitlins charming storyKaitlin's charm bracelet tells her story so far and it was presented as a full  bracelet on her birthday.  Her mother Kylie chose different charms to represent important people, places, events or animals and it made her daughter’s birthday one to remember. Kylie told us that there were tears when Kaitlin opened the box and saw all of the charms together on the charm bracelet and she knows she will cherish them forever. 


The charms were attached in a very specific order to tell the story so far...


cat kaitlins charm bracelet story

drama masks 





forget me not heart

grand piano

Eiffel tower

artist palette


Taurus bull

sewing machine

and the Sydney Opera House!

Kaitlin's full bracelet is already telling the story of a very full life... but there is still plenty of room left for more chapters in this tale.


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