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June 2017 News


propeller clockKeepsakes tell stories of people, places or times and are often worn but can also be found in homes and workplaces. If you're looking for memorable, non-jewellery keepsakes that are useful, or beautiful, or useful & beautiful, the new giddy goodies are sure to get your propeller started! 


Precious Pewter Decanter
pewter decanter piperA Piper to take pride of place on the drinks cabinet! 
A keep-forever gift to lift the spirits and raise a cheer for an anniversary or milestone celebrated by someone who likes a wee dram... dae ye ken? 

Poison Shot?

shot glass skullWhat's your poison? 
Hand-crafted British Pewter shot glasses can be hand-engraved with a name, date or special occasion. A keepsake that is made to be used and kept forever.

King's Shilling Tankard

pewter tankardMemorable 21st, graduation, new adventure or perhaps retirement gift that is a great conversation starter too! Find out why some metal tankards, such as this one, have glass bottoms at the bottom of this newsletter. 

Navigating the Journey of Life

telescope brassGiddy Aunt's hand engraved compasses are great keepsakes if you are looking for something other than jewellery. The Officer's Spyglass Telescope has just joined the range of compasses, timepieces and desk curios and is another great option for those looking to the future.

Up, Up and Away!

plane desk modelHand-engraved or just as they are, highly polished retro Aeroplane Clocks and Desk Models...  for the high flyers in your life.

All fabulous... but how can we resist just a few of the new Jewellery pieces too?

Angel Wings Harmony Ball
angel wings harmony ballBella Donna Silver's latest design combines the soothing tones of a harmony ball with the comfort and protection of angel wings.  Harmony balls or Angel Callers, this locket can be used with silver, pink, red, blue, green, yellow or white coloured harmony balls for something a little different.

Tiger Eye 
harmony ball tiger eyeMesmerizing gold and brown tiger eye beads in a harmony ball bracelet... perfect for those chilly mornings ;)

Less is More
engraving pendantsGiddy Aunts have tags of all shapes and sizes in all precious metals but these slimline tags are something else! Available in three lengths, all 5mm wide and can be engraved with names, dates or meaningful words. Wear one, or wear a collection to represent a collection of loved ones!


silver rattleWith all the talk of spinningfidgetyflipperty things lately it was lovely to be reminded of 'spinners' that have been fascinating children for centuries. Grandmother Lorna has given each new grandchild their own precious sterling silver rattle. The new grandbub's rattling, spinning Teddy Bear is certainly not a fad, and bound to entertain for generations to come!


pewter tankardYour family may have a pewter or silver tankard or two that have been given to mark precious milestones, but do you know why some have glass bottoms?  Find out here.

Wishing you chapters of happiness in the story of your life,

Chief Giddy Aunt and the bottoms-up-here's-cheers elves!

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PS The winner of last month's two friends pendants was Donna from Cranbrook... and the friend who told her about us! Congratulations and thanks to all who told their friends about us!


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