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July Jewellery News and New Giddy Goodies!

sterling silver merry go round pillboxRound and round and up and down... and back around again! Wherever you are on this merry-go-round ride we hope all goes well and you manage to hold on tight! The milestones and special occasions keep spinning around too and while we have sadly said "good-bye" to some of old, favourite keepsakes we have also said "hello" to some new (and some returning) favourites that can be personalised to tell the stories of your life. 

This newsletter brings tidings of joy: Australia Post and your Giddy Aunts are still working so Giddy Goodies can be sent to you - or directly to friends and family - to ensure the special moments in life are remembered, beautifully!


 New Giddy Goodies for July


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