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July 2017 News


The Elves have been busy. Many of this month's new giddy goodies were created for customers wanting something a little different. Great results - so now they're on our website and you can have one too! Giddy Aunts get very excited when something is a little different... we're also a tad excited about our new Gold Banglecomparison tool at the end of this newsletter. It's handy and helpful - just like your Giddy Aunts!


Cat Curl Ring
cat ring silver or goldCHALLENGE: A jewellery gift wanted for a very fussy cat person.  
RESULT: Purrfect!  
Actually, these kitty rings are so fabulous we think they may even tempt dog people too!

Baby Torque for Big Kids
id bangleThere are lots of baby keepsakes, but what about something for bigger boys or girls? Introducing the larger version of the popular ID Cuff! Engraved with names, dates or special occasions, the cuff provides size flexibility and can be older children and teenagers.

Horse Bracelets
horse braceletGiddy Up! All the pretty horses in a row, circling around the wrist of someone who just loves horses. Sterling silver, 9ct rose, yellow or white gold - or what about a sterling silver bracelet with a single horse of a different colour? Just let us know your preference and your wish is our command.

Zodiac Rings
zodiac ringsRings of mystery and mystique. Zodiac symbols in sterling silver or solid 9ct rose, yellow or white gold.  Something a little different for every sign under the sun. 

Big Link Bracelets
big link braceletA bracelet, or a necklace or both? The BIG oval links can be made as a bracelet or necklace to be worn as a set; or join the bracelet and necklace together to create a long necklace!  Made in Australia, in all one metal or sterling silver with a single feature link of 9ct yellow or rose gold.

Ballet Pendants
ballet slipper pendantSome people loved the Traditional version, some preferred the "I Heart Ballet" version... because we custom make to order, you can have whichever version you would like! 
Thanks to everyone who let us know their thoughts and congratulations again to Nadine F QLD & Elizabeth B VIC who won the testers.  

Stacks of Charm Rings
charm stacking ringsBee, Dragonfly, Teddy Bear, Heart, Four Leaf Clover, Flower, Star or every letter of the alphabet... You choose the letter or symbol you would like and we'll make a ring just for you.  AND they stack together so mothers, grandmothers and giddy aunts can wear one to represent those they love... stacks!


one carrot diamond pendantHow old were you when you received your first One Carrot Diamond? (Still waiting?!) One giddy Uncle has made it a mission to ensure each niece starts life with a One Carrot Diamond... (that's a One CARROT Diamond). The thought of all those little honey-bunny-cousins at family get-togethers with their matching carrots is just adorable!


A timeless gold bangle is a keepforever dream but there are bangles, and there are bangles.  You're always welcome to contact your Giddy Aunts for helpful advice and our 'nutshell' comparison of gold bangles a good starting point too!  More here...

Thank you again for being a little giddy. 
We wish you many chapters of 'something a little different' in the story of your life

Chief Giddy Aunt and the Handy/Helpful/Excitable Elves

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