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Judy Garland's Charming Story, Circa 1930

judy garland's charmIn the late 1930’s Judy Garland performed a song entitled ‘Dear Mr. Gable’ which was written about Clark Gable. Not long after performing the song at Mr. Gables birthday party, he gave her a charm bracelet in appreciation. The bracelet was cherished by Miss Garland as it was a gift from one of her favourite movie stars and she wore it every day.

There were many charms on this bracelet including the one she adored most which was a little gold book locket charm engraved with ‘To My Best Girl Judy – from Clark Gable’.

In May 1938 Judy was seriously injured in an automobile accident and spent time in hospital. On hearing of accident Clark Gable visited her and added another charm to her bracelet which was a pair of lovebirds. After this Judy developed a small crush on her favourite movie star but once he married Carole Lombard she decided it was time to stop wearing her much-loved Charm Bracelet. It was later replaced by another charm bracelet given to her by the boy next door. 

What Charms are on the Bracelet?

judy garlands charmsWe'd love to know where that bracelet is now and would be so interested to learn of the stories represented by the other charms on the bracelet.  From the photos we think we can also identify others including: 
- 18 Medallion charm
- Heart charm
- Football charm
- Vintage Car charm
- Teddy Bear charm
What other charms are on there, and what tales do they tell?
Perhaps their stories will remain a mystery, or perhaps one day they will be told!


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