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Jewellery to Bring a Smile!

bluebird of happiness jewelleryStories of special moments are often told with a piece of precious jewellery.  Keepsake reminders of people, places or times.  But sometimes, especially during these strange times, gifts are creating their own special moments by bringing a smile.

It may be a smile of joy, cheer, love, happiness, amusement, recognition, or a smile of remembrance. Whatever the story, these little gifts let someone know that they are being thought of with love.

For your inspiration, the Giddy Aunts have put together a little collection of some tried and true smile-makers to tell every story.



Bluebirds for Happiness

bluebird charmThe original harbinger of joy, these little bluebirds remind many of happy childhood stories and create moment of joy for each new generation.

Oh My Giddy Aunt's Bluebird Jewellery includes bracelets, brooches, pendants, earrings and rings, and each little treasure is packaged with our own Bluebird of Happiness card. 

True bluebird fanciers may also be interested in our post about the history of bluebird jewellery... fascinating!




Harmony Balls for Harmony!

harmony ballsHarmony ball pendants, bracelets and earrings sound as beautiful as they look.  The soft, chiming tinkles are soothing reminders of the harmony to be found in life.  Bella Donna Silver's Harmony Balls have been providing happiness for nearly two decades.

Each ball has been traditionally hand-crafted in Bali in sterling silver and contains a tiny brass xylophones that creates soothing, magical sounds when shaken.

Oh My Giddy Aunt includes a little verse in the package:  Every Time You Hear the Chime, Know that You are Loved 


Charming Charms

gold and silver charmsCharms are little symbols worn to tell a personal story.  They can be added to a bracelet or turned into a pendant, lapel pin, key ring or more.   

Oh My Giddy Aunt has hundreds and hundreds and HUNDREDS of Australian made charms to say whatever you would like them to say.  Symbols of courage, peace, happiness, gratitude or as a keepsake reminder of a loved one or a special chapter in life.



A Smile from Ear to Ear!

butterfly studsA little pair of earrings are a 'whisper' to remind the wearer they are loved.  From the tiniest little first studs to a gorgeous pair made just for you, stud earrings will bring a little smile, for your ears only!


One Carrot Diamonds

one carrot diamond necklaceYour Giddy Aunts have always been a little partial to wordplay, especially when it is expressed as jewellery to be worn, loved and create a smile.

Our "One Carrot Diamond" pendants and rings and pendants have been keeping us amused for well over a decade now - the perfect first diamond or a promise of others to come!


OBE - Over Bloomin' 80!

obe medals
Not so much a 'cheer up' gift but definitely one to cause a giggle or two.
Oh My Giddy Aunt's OBE medals are sterling silver and hand-engraved for those who are over bloody 80 and deserve their own OBE!


Dummy Fairies, Nappy Fairies... and all of the Little Fairy Helpers

little fairy helperEveryone knows about the Tooth Fairy, but it may surprise you to learn of the other jobs these little fairies have to do.  Perhaps you know someone who could use a "Where Did I Put It" Fairy, or a "Have a Chat" Fairy or a "Smile" Fairy?  We haven't found a "Zoom" Fairy yet, but we are sure she's out there somewhere.
Browse through our little fairy helpers to see if you know someone who could use a little fairy help at the moment!


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