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Jessica's Charming Story, Circa 2010

gold charm necklaceJessica's charming charm bracelet story is actually a charming charm necklace story!
Charming Barista, Jessica, was happy to share the story behind the 9ct gold gift her parents had given her for her 21st birthday. Each of the charms has special meaning in the story of Jessica's life.

  • 'J' - Jessica
  • Double Hearts - Mum and Dadgold charm necklace jessica
  • Topaz - November
  • Scorpion - Scorpio
  • Claddagh - because one day she will go to Ireland
  • Pearl - because she loves Pearls
  • Tiny Key - because it was her 21st birthday!
A special occasion gift that tells a forever story of an important milestone in Jessica's life.


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