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I Heart Gatsby (& Daisy)

Daisy Jewellery

Did you love the fashion and jewellery of Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby film?

The heart-shaped locket emblazoned with a daisy, which Jay Gatsby's great love Daisy Buchanan (played by Carey Mulligan) wears around her neck, is based on a design that harks back to the jazz age.

 Much of the design of The Great Gatsby is Art Deco, a movement which emerged from France prior to World War I, which embraced technological optimism, symmetry, opulence and glamour. However, the daisy locket's design speaks more to Art Deco's predecessor, Art Nouveau, which romanticised and drew inspiration from nature.

Daisy Chain Bracelet
The Great Gatsby story features a thematic struggle between technology and modernity on the one hand, and romanticism and the beauty of nature on the other: Gatsby's sunset-gazing and romanticism (he wears a black and gold signet ring engraved with a daisy to signify his love of the beautiful socialite) is juxtaposed against Tom Buchanan's fancy automobiles.

Embrace your love of nature and all things daisy (or floral) with a daisy chain bracelet or harmony balls... or for something a little fancier, browse through the deco style lockets and pendants!

Ajour Heart Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold

Jewelled Egg - PHOEBE - Black Enamel, Amethyst and PearlHarmony Ball Daisy Chain


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