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How To Decipher a Cypher

gold signet monogramHand-engraved swirls and twirls are beautiful, unique little works of art in solid gold or sterling silver but sometimes reading them can also be an art form!  The word Cypher means "a secret or disguised way of writing" and it can take a little decoding to decipher the script letters in between the flourishes.

Creating swirling flourishes in solid metal takes a great degree of skill and artistry, as well as a keen eye to be able to determine how each swirled letter will best weave in and out of the others.

Oh My Giddy Aunts' monogram and signet rings are individually hand engraved by a master engraver who is continuing the tradition of centuries past.

Examples of Cyphers

It can take a little time for modern eyes to work out where the letters and swirls in this ancient art begin and end, but the example below of G C should help.  You will also find a few more examples below that... and the answers at the bottom of the page... just in case you need them!


   AGW    PCH    MW



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