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Hinged Opening Baby Bangles

Why Are Some Baby Bangles Hinged?

9ct gold baby bangle When you invest in a precious 9ct gold baby bangle you want baby to be able to wear it for as long as possible.  Expanding bangles that slide open are one solution.  Solid bangles  resized by a jeweller are another solution, but opening, hinged baby bangles provide a solution that doesn't require paying a visit to the jeweller.

Little hands outgrow bangles before wrists do, ie a bangle may still fit around the wrist... if only it could get over the hand! 

Hinged bangles open so they can be put on over the wrist and worn for another year, or two, or possibly even three or four depending on the child.

Hinged baby bangles with safety chains still need to go on over hands, but by opening them, the size is significantly extended.  A bangle without a safety chain can go on directly around the wrist. Both of the baby bangles pictured on this page are 45mm wide.  The solid round bangle will always be 45mm wide (unless it is extended by a jeweller).  You can see in the picture below that the opening bangle opens to about 50mm to go over a growing hand.  Without the safety chain a hinged baby bangle will open even wider!


 9ct gold baby bangles comparison

 9ct gold baby bangles solid and hinged

Another important consideration with hinged bangles is the clasp.  The clasp must be secure, and it must be able to be opened by parents, but not by bub! 

Oh My Giddy Aunt's opening and hinged 9ct gold baby bangles are made in Australia by jewellers with over 50 years bangle making experience in creating precious first keepsakes that are a much loved part of childhood stories.


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