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Harmony or Chime Balls?

harmony balls

What is a Harmony Ball?

You may know and love these pendants but what do you call them? Harmony Balls or Dream Bells? Are they Angel Callers, Bolas, Chime or Fairy Balls? Which name is the right name? The answer is.... it depends!  
Used for relaxation and meditation, harmony balls are also given as a keepsake of timeless friendship and love.  Traditionally harmony balls are also worn by expectant mothers so newborn babies will recognise their mother's special chime. Angel Callers are also used when a guardian angel is needed!

Chiming pendants are loved all over the world but the most popular are still those beautifully made in Bali or Mexico. Each chime ball has its own, individual sound as each one is made by hand. Exactly how the sound is made is a mystery but your Giddy Aunts can reveal that it has something to do with a tiny metal xylophone and a little metal ball that bounces around to create the soothing chimes, and maybe a little bit of magic! 

Balinese ball pendants are usually beautifully decorated, set with stones or made using sterling silver, brass or copper swirls and filigree. Bali balls are also called Dream Bells because the soft chimes induce you into a dreamlike, relaxed state.

heart harmony ball
Bola is the name given to the balls made in Mexico. These balls are usually plain sterling silver in ball, egg or heart shapes and make great statement pieces. The Celts also used Harmony Balls and they were sometimes referred to as Druid Balls, Fairy Balls or Angel Callers.

The sound is influenced by the shape of the "balls".  Heart and Egg shapes look fantastic and the rounder the pendant, the richer the sound. Round, oval or egg shapes producing chimes rather than tinkling bells. The larger the ball the louder the sound.

Some ball pendants have tiny crystals inside that tinkle rather than chime, and these are usually called tinkle balls or jingle balls rather than harmony balls.
After years of waiting, your Giddy Aunts are very excited to have solid 9ct yellow and rose gold harmony balls available - stunning!
Harmony ball collectors don't just stop with one!  Bella Donna Silver's Harmony Balls have a lifetime workmanship guarantee, excluding wear and tear, and each design comes with a beautiful affirmation.  
Harmony balls are also available as pendants, bracelet charms, and earrings - and you can bring harmony to the next generation (and the parents of the next generation) with a sterling silver Harmony Ball or Chime rattles!


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