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Graduation Gifts with Meaning

diploma scroll charmsCelebrating a graduation or achievement is an important milestone commemorated with keepsakes to acknowledge the person and the award.  Family and friends want to give Graduands (someone eligible to graduate) and Graduates (someone awarded a qualification) a "gift with meaning" but what does that actually mean? 
Life's journey is told through milestones and special occasions and keepsake gifts are given at these times to mark the moments and make them meaningful. A Keepsake tells a story of a person, place or time. Meaningful graduation gifts are precious to the recipient because of the thought and love that goes into creating them and the memories they continue to evoke throughout life.
Oh My Giddy Aunt has been creating meaningful gifts online since 2003 and over the years we have identified a few tips to creating personalised graduation gifts that will be cherished.

1. Make Gifts Personal

custom made laser engraved bangleThere is nothing more personal than something that has been made just for you. Personalised gifts with names, messages, dates or meaningful words chosen especially for the occasion mean so much. Custom made bangles laser engraved with graduation dates, the award or an inspirational verse will be a reminder of the achievement throughout life.  A sterling silver keyring with the graduate's initials will be used and loved!

2. Graduation Gifts with the Human Touch

engraved compassesSomething handmade or crafted by a real person has a much higher "meaningful factor" than something that has been pushed out of a machine.  Maker's marks and little imperfections are a reminder that humans aren't perfect, but we have something machines don't have: the capacity to love. Clocks, desk ornaments or compasses hand-engraved with a personal message or details of the achievement will provide words to accompany graduates along their journey.


3.  Meaningful Gifts Tell Stories

sterling silver owl bookmarkStories of loved ones and lifetimes are told through meaningful keepsakes but the story could also be a story of tradition or history. A meaningful gift can be linked with the story of a special milestone or relationship or it could be a story that sparks the imagination!   Graduation symbols of Mortar Boards and Wise Owls have long been popular and can be found in charms, pendants, bookmarks and keyrings. 


4. Meaningful Gifts Connect People

heart key ring silverA meaningful gift is a gift that touches the heart.  It may bring someone to tears or create a smile. It could be a smile of joy, laughter, delight, pleasure or whimsy.  Or perhaps the sweet, smile of remembrance.  We connect with the people and things that make us smile.


5. Meaningful Gifts are Timeless 

photoball locketsKeepsakes are just that - something to be kept.  While fashion and fads are fun, if something is to be treasured it should have its own unique or classic style to stand the test of time.  There is a reason antique and retro inspired keepsakes such as lockets or photoballs or monogrammed signet rings or pearl bracelets, earrings and necklaces are so popular.  They are proudly old school and have graduated into timelessness!
If you have an idea for personalised graduation gifts with meaning your Giddy Aunts would love to help!




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