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Good Luck and Best Wishes

four leaf clover good luck

Good Luck Symbols & Stories

What is good luck? Is it positive thinking, in the stars, coincidence, fate or the power of the mind? Are you born lucky or can you have luck wished upon you? Is it superstition, old wives' tales or is there something more to it? Who knows, but one thing your Giddy Aunts do know is that wishing someone good luck is a lovely thing to do for the luck-wisher and the wish-receiver and we have been doing it for a very long time.

Many of the "Good Luck" and "Wish" stories collected here have been around since before your Great-Great-Grandma's Giddy Aunt was a girl. If you can remember any others please just comment below and we'll add them to the collection.

  • Crossing fingers for good luck
  • Horseshoes, hung over doorways or worn as jewellery. Some believe the ends should be facing up to stop the luck from running out but others say it is the other way around
  • On the first day of each month say the word 'Rabbits' as the very first word you say
  • Touching a piece of wood after saying something for protection
  • Getting out of bed on the same side you got in ongood luck horseshoes
  • Seeing a white butterfly as the first butterfly at the beginning of a new year
  • Seeing three butterflies together
  • Black cats walking towards you - but not crossing your path!
  • Finding a clover with four leaves
  • Picking up a coin someone has dropped is a lucky find, but if it was 'heads' side up, double lucky 
  • Setting free a live cricket found inside the house
  • Wearing new clothes on Easterelephant necklace
  • Positioning an elephant picture facing the door or have an elephant figurine with the trunk up.
  • Picking up a Pin, as in the saying: "See a pin, pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck - see a pin, let it lay. Bad luck you will have all day"
  • The saying has it that "Things Come in Threes". If you have had two bad things happen in a row "break a match" and that will be your third bad thing taken care of, and you won't need to worry any more!
  • You can cure the seven years of bad luck that comes with braking a mirror by burying the pieces or running cold water over them. (Phew!!)

These are just a few of the Good Luck and Best Wishes tales Giddy Aunt has collected over the years, we'd love to hear any more you know of! 


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