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Giddy Spindizzy and More

bee charmKeepsakes tell the stories of people, places and times. Sometimes the words telling those stories come and go, but isn't it just the Bee's Knees when a charming word from the past pops up?  It may have been hibernating for a hundred or so years and then all of a sudden, there it is.  Ready to charm, delight and help us remember and tell our stories again.

The word "Giddy" is at least four centuries old but the phrase Oh My Giddy Aunt was very popular during the 1920 and 1930s.  Even though OMG may have replaced OMGA in recent times we like to think Oh My Giddy Aunt will be popular forevermore with true giddies!  Your giddy aunts were delighted to learn another retro-word lately with the model race cars: Spindizzies and we decided to brush up on a few more fabulous phrases reminiscent of the era.

model race car

  • The Bee’s KneesWonderful
  • Chock-a-blockPacked tightly together
  • Chuffed Pleased and a little proud
  • Honey Cooler - A kiss
  • Kerfuffle A fuss
  • Know your onionsVery knowledgeable about something specific
  • Pitching Woo - Making whoopee
  • Ring-a-ding-ding - Absolutely fabulous
  • Stick to your knitting - Do what you are good at
  • Shake a leg - Get a wriggle on
  • Tickety-booEverything is just as it should be
If you have a word or two from your family stories we'd love to hear them!


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