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Giddy News September

It's safe to say 2020 isn't quite the year any of us planned. We're so grateful for the understanding support of Giddy customers, and while there may have been a few unexpected hiccups, we've managed to keep on keeping on, and hope you have too.

gold diamond dragonfly pendantAs well as new Giddy Goodies in this newsletter you'll also find a story about the meaning of dragonflies - very appropriate for these unprecedented times as you will see!

In 'precedented' times we wouldn't dare mention Christmas just yet... but this year it is going to be really important to get orders in ASAP, especially if you'd like something custom made as everything is taking just that little bit longer! At this stage we're still despatching within timeframes provided in each product's shipping tab, but it is usually towards the longer end rather than the shorter end, and as we get closer to the pointy end of Christmas... well.... let's just say it's unprecedented!

Thank you again for your giddyness. We wish you chapters and chapters of dragonfly magic in the story of your life as we get through this, togetherapart!

All the best

Chief Giddy Aunt and the irredescentlywingedelves


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