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February 2017 News

spinner pendant

Spinner Pendants in a Spin

Spinner pendants aren't the only things making us giddy at the moment, but we firmly believe the faster the world spins, the more important it is to treasure traditions and the stories that connect us.  

While we don't know the meaning of "life, the universe, and everything" we're starting small this newsletter with the meaning of Flowers.  We also know that love makes the world go around.  We know this because we are fortunate to hear heart-felt stories of love everyday! Thank you!


New Giddy Goodies

spinnerIN A SPIN!

The latest spinner to join Giddy Aunt's collection is ready-made, perfectly plain and ready to engrave and ready to send with your words, names, dates or a message.

If you would prefer your spinner pendant with "I Love You" or another message we have those for you too.





Solid gold or sterling silver, ready made with hearts and dolphins or choose a plain anklet and add your own charm or letter.


russian wedderSIZE? METAL? STYLE?  

It's all up to you.  Choose the exact Russian linked ring you would like and it will be made just for you. Find them in the Custom Made Design Your Own options. Just let us know your heart's desire and we'll work on an option to suit your budget and dreams.


princess heart locketPRINCESS LOCKET

A little more practical than a crown, a Princess Heart Locket in sterling silver adds a sparkle of right-royal-extra-specialness to any special occasion!




gold bluebird earringsSOLID GOLD BLUEBIRDS

Traditional blue bird earrings now also available in solid 9ct yellow gold.



One Giddy Customer's Hearty Story

engraved heartYour giddy aunt's see beautiful, meaningful words engraved on pendants and charms everyday, but we were thrilled to help with one that really packed a punch recently.  

Simply put, but with empathy and understanding.  and quite frankly, we have to admit we kinda agree!


Do You Know... The Meaning of Flowers?

thistle charmWe are heading into a whirlwind of hearts and flowers in the coming days.  We know that hearts mean love, but discover the hidden meanings of flowers too.


Thank you again for being a little bit giddy!  We wish you "Cattails, Daffodils and Dandelions" in the story of your life.

All the best

Chief Giddy Aunt and the florally inspired elves!


PS Have you seen our Giveaway at BubHub?  $460 worth of sterling silver and gold jewellery - pop over to our Facebook page for details!


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