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Expanding Bangles - How Do They Work?

expanding bangle

How Does a Bangle Expand?


Expanding bangles sound like just the thing for growing wrists but do you know how they work?  There are several variations of Expandable Bangles but traditionally the most popular style has an overlap of metal like those pictured here. Made in sterling silver or solid 9ct or 18ct gold, the key to these bangles is making them in a thickness and weight that allows flexibility.  The over lapping section of an expanding bangle has built in 'guide bars' so the bangle can slide in and out.

Expanders don't actually 'lock' into place but with care they can be gently squeezed a little smaller if needed and then opened to the full extent to fit over the hand as it grows.

love knot gold bangle

The great thing about this style of bangle is that it 'grows' with the child so the wearable life of this precious jewellery is extended too.  When the wearer finally grows out of this bangle, a jeweller can insert an extra piece into solid gold or sterling silver to make the bangle even bigger. 

Expanding bangles are not just for babies and toddlers, they're also a great option for children growing into teenage-hood, teenagers growing into adulthood and adults who have difficulty getting bangles on and off.

little heart of gold bangle

Oh My Giddy Aunt's range of extending baby, child and adult bangles are all solid 9ct or 18ct gold or sterling silver and our original designs are custom made in Australia.


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