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Egg Styles and Stylish Eggs

Eggs are popping up everywhere but as your Giddy Aunts like to say: "Eggs are not just for Easter".  Egg-shaped jewellery is visually appealing and meaningful, and while eggs symbolise different things in different cultures, many meanings involve new beginnings, life, promise, creation and re-creation or potential.

An egg is the perfect shape for a pendant or charm as it also lends itself beautifully to being opened and closed to keep treasures inside. There is also something about the egg's shape that just makes you just want to hold it in the palm of your hand!

With so many egg pendants and charms in so many styles we thought it we'd take a trip through the world of precious and jewelled eggs to discover which style appeals to you.

Solid Gold or Sterling Silver - eggs that open, eggs with treasures inside, eggs for bracelets or eggs for necklaces. These opening chicken and opening rabbit charms have been popular for generations and will be popular for generations to come.


Filigree - a lacy, 'cut-out' jewellery style that enables little glimpses of what is inside. If used as a perfume locket, the spaces in the design allow a little of the aroma to escape throughout the day.


Enamel - reminiscent of Russian and Moorish treasures of the past, these eggs are created in sterling silver and then decorated with baked enamel in vibrant jewel colours to create a rich, gorgeous, glossy pendants. Many of them open as a locket.



Stone Set - take one enamel egg and set it with rubies, pearls, sapphires, marcasite to create a stunning pendant or locket with treasures inside and outside.



Chiming - these eggs don't open, but give them a little shake and you can hear magical tinkling chimes! Chiming or harmony eggs have a tiny little 'xylophone' inside that will tinkle whenever you need to hear a little harmony.


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