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Dog Charms Full Range

How much is that doggie in the window? And just what is that doggie in the window?!

Oh My Giddy Aunt has just about every dog charm you can throw a stick for.  Please contact us if you are looking for a specific dog you can't find and we'll be happy to help with dimensions, more pictures and prices.

You will also find a full list of doggies with product links at the bottom of this page. And we'd love it if you could help us identify some of the dogs with a question mark after their 'working title', or 'working dog title'?

 afghan hound charm  airdale terrier  alsatian dog 

  dog sitting charm  bloodhound dog charm 

 blue heeler charm    bulldog charm 

 bull terrier  cocker spaniel charm  cocker spaniel sitting charm

 collie charm  collie fine charm  corgi dog charm  





greyhound charm      








Can you help us identify any of these dogs?








Dogs listed in blue are available on the site.  If you are interested in any of the other dogs please contact us for dimensions and prices.

  • Dog Sitting Cute?
  • Dog Stumpy Tail?
  • Dog BIG Cute Puppy?
  • Dog Fluffy?
  • Dog and Big Bone?
  • Dog Cartoon?
  • Dog Bull Terrier?
  • Dog Elegant?
  • Dog Head ears?
  • Dog Head Labrador?
  • Dog Shaggy?
  • Dog Max Long Nose?
  • Dog Terrier/Foxie?
  • Dog Looking Around?
  • Dog Small Kennel Moving?
  • Dog Tail Down Ears Up?
  • Dog Doberman?
  • Dog Long Ears?
  • Dog in Kennel Moving?
  • Dog Pointy Ears?
  • Dog Airedale?


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