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gold or silver signet ring

Signet rings are timeless. The popularity of designs may change over the years, and different styles may suit different age groups, but a signet ring is a beautiful, keep-forever way for a wearer to say "this is me".  Signet rings put the personal into personalised jewellery and choosing a ring that will be loved for years is easier when you know what to look for.



Traditional Signet Rings

crest engraved signet ringTraditionally signet rings were a way for the wearer to 'make their mark' with initials or a coat of arms engraved into the metal or stone.  The ring was confirmation of identity and often pressed into wax on a document to literally make the wearer's mark. Worn by nobility in many cultures, signet rings were instantly recognisable as symbols of power or importance.

Antique style signet rings are still amongst the most popular styles,  Oval, round, square, shield, heart, scroll and horseshoe signet styles have all stood the test of time and will remain in style for years to come.

Modern Signet Rings

contemporary signet ringsLetters and initials can be engraved in a variety of ways including single or separate letters that are easily decipherable.  Swirly and intertwined initials such as monograms or ciphers are designed to be harder to read and are an artistic expression of the wearer's name. Deciphering a cypher and reading a monogram can take a little skill too! 

Contemporary signet rings still tell stories about the wearer and are worn by male and female adults and children.  

monogram signet ring engraved

Modern signets are usually engraved with initials, crests or set with birthstones or some other symbol of personal significance. Today initials can be perfectly, quickly and cheaply laser engraved, but if you are lucky, you may still find someone with the skill to hand-engrave or hand cut initials, letters or monograms. Oh My Giddy Aunt is proud to still be able to offer old school hand-engraving, while skills last!

Individual letters can also be soldered onto signet rings to create personal jewellery with an initial heart signet ringindividual difference. In addition to antique styles, contemporary interpretations of the signet rings are popular today.  These styles include 'deconstructed' signet rings, with the heart and the initial sitting beside each other, streamline hearts and flat, cookie cutter signets.


Boys' and Girls' Signet Rings

horseshoe signetMost people who were given a signet ring as a child still remember it as a very special moment in life.signet rings girls

Signets are often the first 'real' piece of jewellery made in precious solid gold or sterling silver. While signet rings are also sometimes the first real piece of jewellery to be lost or broken, signets are usually cherished in adulthood... even if it is only in memory! 

A little signet ring is a lovely way to teach a child to value and care for precious jewellery.

What is the Best Size for a Child's Signet Ring? 

childrens signetHeirloom and family signet rings may be presented to a baby or child as part of a family tradition in an adult size to be worn when the child has grown.  More often though signets are given to children in a small size to fit their middle finger now and move down the fingers as the child grows until eventually it is a pinkie ring when they are adults. Custom made signet rings can be made to order in any size you like, however ready made signet rings may only be available in a range of the most popular sizes.  If you are not sure of the size required please email for assistance.


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