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Different Lockets - The Stamp Case

stamp envelope locket silver

Do you still send cards or letters? While emails, texts and messaging may have taken over, a beautiful keepsake from a bygone era of 'the post' is with us still, albeit in a slightly different form. Some of today's antique design lockets are based on small cases our great, great, great giddy aunts and uncles used to keep postage stamps safe.

Before mobile phones, if one needed to contact someone post-haste, one dispatched a letter.  Stamps needed to be kept handy and were carried in pockets and purses, a little like phones today!

silver antique locket stamp caseWhile some stamp cases were purely functional and made of card or fabric, the more style-conscious favoured elaborate cases of silver or gold to wear on watch chains or necklaces as functional jewellery.  Envelope shaped stamp cases were popular as they alluded to the purpose as well as being able to close to keep precious stamps safe.

Today Stamp Cases are used as photo or keepsake lockets and can hold pictures, tiny notes or mementos. While we may reach for the mobile to despatch an urgent message, Stamp Case Jewellery is still being used - but for more personal, keep forever messages. Communicating meaningful stories by keeping precious memories safely inside.

Somehow we can't see today's phone cases being worn as jewellery in another hundred years time... but you never know!


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