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Coaches Whistle - Old-School Tweeting

coaches whistle

A Whistle as Keepsake? 

Keepsakes tell a story of a person, place or time. What are you reminded of when you hear the shrill twwwweeeet of a whistle?  A favourite coach? A fearsome teacher? Summer on the field? Camping with Guides or Scouts?
Think of a classic "Coaches Whistle" or "Referee's Whistle" and you are probably picturing the style made popular by the 'Acme Thunderer' whistle.  Invented in 1884 in England by Joseph Hudson, the shape and sound of the Thunderer, a 'pea' whistle, is iconic.
These days there are many manufacturers of many different shapes and styles of whistles but some tell a very distinctive story.  The Coach Whistle, the Bosun's Whistle and the White Star Whistle  each have a different sound, purpose and meaning.  
Hand-engraved with a name or short message they can also tell of a chapter in the life story of someone special.
 But... How Does A Pea Whistle Work?

When air is blown through a mouthpiece into the cavity of a whistle it is split by a bevel and whirls around before exiting through a much smaller opening.  The design of the mouthpiece, the size of the cavity, the volume of air and the material the whistle is made from will all determine the pitch and sound.

When blowing into a pea whistle, the 'pea' inside is forced around the chamber, interrupting the flow of air creating a warble. Usually a piercing warble, when blown hard and more air is forced around the cavity and out again


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