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Christenings, Naming Days or Fairy Godmothers?

What Gifts Are Given At Christenings?

One of the first milestones in a child's life is a Christening, Baptism or Naming Day. These ceremonies mean different things to different people but generally the occasion is a chance to celebrate the child's birth and life ahead with loving family and friends.  They are usually held in the first year of the baby's life and can be religious or non-religious and will vary according to different faiths and cultures.

Celebrants may preside at non-religious celebrations or families may create their own personal ceremony, often involving cake cutting, tree planting, verse reading, singing or performing another symbol of significance.

Children are often dressed in a special outfit or wear a piece of jewellery that either is, or will become, an heirloom. 

Christening gifts are usually presented to the child and are generally something special, traditional, personalised or a keepsake and include jewellery,  personalised brooches or bracelets, pearls, silver, pewter, gold, crosses, bibles, spoons, mugs, rattles, teddy bears, tooth fairy, first curl or keepsake boxes or books... and more!  

Jewellery that can be presented to the child but worn as an adult is also traditionally popular. Cufflinks, signet rings, shields and medallions, crosses or rings are not to be worn by the baby, but to be worn later in life.

In both religious and non-religious ceremonies, godparents may be chosen to help guide the child through life and to provide additional support and mentoring to the child.

Some children, (usually the fairytale variety) are lucky enough to have Fairy Godmothers who use "magic" to help them through life!  We've been told a lovely Naming Day story by a mother who chose six "fairy godmothers" for her baby. Each "fairy godmother" was to bestow their special gift on the child, so there was a fairy godmother of Music, Dance, Cooking, Humour, Shoe Shopping etc etc etc! 

Of courseā€¦ there was also a not-so-nice Fairy Godmother! One of Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Godmothers was so miffed she didn't get a party invitation that she cast a spell over the baby princess. Your Giddy Aunts are pretty sure that sort of behavior isn't in Giddy Aunt's Book of Christening Etiquette.

Do you still have a gift from your Christening or Naming Day?  We'd love to hear about it if you do!


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