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Choosing an Engraved Bangle

laser engraved gold and silver bangles australiaA laser engraved sterling silver or solid gold bangle is a beautiful way to tell a forever story. A classic bangle engraved with meaningful words, special occasions or the  names of children or grandchildren will be loved always, but do you know how to choose the right bangle?  There are four key questions to consider and once they are sorted a dream bangle will be on the way for you or someone you love.



A Sterling Silver or Solid Gold Bangle?

silver engraved banglesLaser engraved bangles can be made in sterling silver or solid 9ct or 18ct yellow, rose or white gold depending on the preferred look and price. Prices for sterling silver bangles start around $120 and solid gold prices around $300. Oh My Giddy Aunt only makes solid gold or sterling silver bangles to last a lifetime with proper care and so they can be sized up by a jeweller if needed as wrists grow. Sterling Silver prices are on the website but if you'd prefer gold please just email the size you'd like and we'll be happy to provide quotes and options.  There's more information to help you decide on sterling silver or gold here or please feel free to contact us for advice.


Which Bangle Profile, Flat or Half-Round?

All laser engraved bangles are made with round, not oval, wrist shapes.  The bangle profile is the bangle shape or style. Flat and half-round profiles both engrave beautifully inside and outside the bangle so it is really a matter of personal preference. Some say the half-round bangle profile has a softer, more traditional look while a flat profile bangle can look a little more contemporary. Some say both are gorgeous and why not start a collection.  :)


Choosing the Bangle Size 

working out bangle sizesThere are two measurements to think about.  The width or height of the bangle and the size or diameter of the bangle.  Bangles can be engraved from 3mm-8mm wide and can be made in any size from tiny baby bangles to bangles for larger woman. If you need help working out bangle sizes please see our site or contact us for help. Your Giddy Aunts are always happy to help with something that is going to be loved always.


Which Engraving Works Best for Bangles? 

font styles for laser engravingBangles can be engraved on the inside, outside or both.  You can also choose different fonts.  Each laser engraved letters will be computer perfect and a lot can fit into a small space.  The engraving can be spaced around the bangle (perfect for children's names) or a verse can fill part or all of the bangle. Engraving will really stand out in all CAPITAL LETTERS or when darkened.  Script and Block Italic are softer font styles often used for engraved inscriptions or messages on jewellery.   Block, Contemporary and Celtic fonts are popular for single names or words.  Please remember that a little space is needed along the top and bottom of the bangle and fonts like Script with swirly tails will end up being quite difficult to read on thinner 3mm bangles.   


How Long Does it Take to Make a Laser Engraved Bangle?

meaningful wordsOh My Giddy Aunt's bangles are made to order in the desired metal and size and laser engraved at the same time so the end result is perfect.  Our jewellers have been making manufacturing for over 30 years and bangles have a lifetime manufacturing guarantee excluding wear and tear.  Bangles usually take 2-4 weeks but we can sometimes hurry them along if you need it for a special occasion, please just let us know.



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