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Choosing a Chain for a Pendant

A pendant may be a locket, symbolic pendant, harmony ball or a whole collection of smaller pendants and charms, but one thing is certain, if you want to wear a pendant as a necklace, a chain of some sort is essential.

Some pendants come with chains included in the price as a necklace, but there are a number of reasons it makes sense to purchase chains and pendants separately and this post will help you choose the perfect chain for your pendant.




Save Money with Chains

chains for necklacesMany people already own a range of chains that will work with a number of different pendants and you will save money if you don't need the extra expense of purchasing additional or unnecessary chains. 

Well-made, classic chains in a variety of widths and lengths can help you save money in the long run if they can be used for a variety of pendants. As long as the chain suits the style and the size of the pendant you may not need to buy another chain.


Chain Sizes

People are different shapes and sizes and, unlike kaftans, one size does not fit all.  A 50cm long chain may hang too low on a petite person, but a taller person, or a person with a thicker neck, may need a longer chain.  Then again, some tall people have slim necks, and some tiny people have thick necks... everyone is different!  

If you need help working out the chain size required, the information on Oh My Giddy Aunt's Chain Size page should help you decide how thick you would like the chain to be and where you would like the pendant to sit on the body. 


Pendant Sizes

photoball locketsUsually the thickness or weight of the chain will relate to the size of the pendant.  A very large pendant can look and feel too heavy for a fine chain. If it is too heavy, a large pendant may also result in the chain breaking.  A tiny pendant won't break a very thick chain but it may look lost.  You may also have trouble threading a tiny pendant on a thick chain if the bail or loop at the top of the pendant is not wide enough for the chain. 

Of course, pendants can always be adapted to fit a chain with a change to the bail or pendant loop but you can save yourself some time and money if you can select the appropriate chain in the first place.


Pendant and Chain Weight

While the size of the pendant and the size of the chain depends on personal choice, it is important to ensure that the chain is strong enough to safely hold the pendant without breaking.  Super fine chains look beautiful with petite pendants but if you put a pendant that is too heavy on a fine chain you may end up with a chain that wears through or snaps. 

Chains with solid, soldered links are worth the extra investment to ensure the pendant stays where it is supposed to be.  Finer chains also need to be worn with a little care as they can get caught in hair or jumpers and if pulled may snap.

Chain Styles

chain stylesWe all have different ideas about what looks good.  Generally the chain style should suit the pendant style but there is always room to express your own ideas with unique and unusual chains

Usually antique style pendants will suit an antique or timeless chain design.  Modern pendants also work well with timeless or simple chains.  Fancier chains, or statement chains may draw more attention than the pendant so it is also worth thinking about whether you would like the chain or the pendant to take centre stage. 


Sterling Silver or Solid Gold Chains

lucky rings necklaceAs a general rule of thumb, the metal of the chain is usually matched to the metal of the pendant.  9ct Yellow Gold pendants are generally worn on 9ct Yellow Gold chains.  Sterling silver pendants are usually worn on sterling silver chains.  This is a good idea for a couple of reasons; it looks good but matching metals means there will be less wear and tear if metals are around the same hardness.

Three tone or pendants with multi colours such as the Lucky Rings Pendants provide a little more option as you can match one of the colours in the pendant with a chain of another metal or colour. 

And remember, chains may not always be chains!  Leather, cord, neoprene or ribbons can all be worn with pendants depending on the look you are going for and the amount of wear and tear the necklace will go through.  Cord may also be a good idea if the pendant is a gift and you are not sure of the length or style the wearer will want.

Oh My Giddy Aunt stocks a range of tried and true chains to go with just about any pendant.  Most chains have solid, soldered links in sterling silver or solid 9ct or 18ct gold to ensure your chain and the pendant tell a beautiful story together and live happily ever after! If you would like some help choosing the right chain please just contact us, we are always happy to help.


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