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Children's First Jewellery Treasures

children's signet ringThis Christmas many children will receive a precious first piece of real jewellery to cherish always. (We know because the giddy elves have been helping Santa for weeks and weeks now and we have inside information). 

First pieces of baby or children's jewellery are often remembered as very precious keepsakes in terms of sentiment, meaning and memories.
baby and child pearl braceletsBaby brooches, first bracelets or children's bangles, lockets or pearls for girls are as popular today as ever. 
Some precious childhood pieces are made to be loved and worn throughout life, but even if the jewellery is made especially for babies or little children it will often have a special place forever in the wearer's jewellery box and heart as a reminder of the special occasion or the person who gave it to them.

When we asked some now grown-up giddy friends about the first piece of children's jewellery they remembered receiving we heard some beautiful stories. Most stories are happy stories, some are sad and many are a little of both.  Join us on a trip down memory lane, we'd love to hear your story too!

locket bluebird girlsJayne: The first piece I can remember is a little silver locket that had a blue swallow on it. I loved it, but managed to lose it over the years!

Pauline: A little gold signet ring with a Bluebird of Happiness on it.

Sara-May: The first piece of jewellery I remember receiving as a child was a beautiful pearl necklace from my grandmother. My cousin received an identical one, and we both wore them at her funeral (10 years ago now). I was devastated when it broke about a month ago, and I need to take it to get it re-strung!

Kelly: My earliest memory of jewellery was a chunky dog charm given by a friend that was moving away. I was maybe 7 and i still have that item and after 40 years just found that friend on facebook. wow.

Michelle: I was given a silver locket that said "daughter" from my mum for my 13th Birthday. I still love it like the day I got it :)

Jeanette: I had a beautiful brooch with my name and a bluebird on it. I still remember it so well but when my parents died our house got broken into and everything got stolen (including my brooch)

Lydia: My first piece of jewellery was a baby bracelet with my name engraved; wish I knew where it was!

Fiona: The first piece of jewellery I can remember is a solid silver Charm Bracelet with a Solid Silver Humpty Dumpty charm on it.... I was given it for being a Flower Girl in my Sister's wedding when I was 5 years old, and I still have it today!!?

Jessica: My very first memory of jewellery was dressing my little brother (who was only 3 at the time) up with strands and strands of my grandmothers beads and fake pearls, we then covered his ears with clip on earrings all the way around. He passed away on Friday and his funeral service is this Friday :( but it is one of my favourite memories.

Melissa: I still have my first piece of jewellery! It is a sterling silver expandable ID bangle with my first name engraved on it. It is very simple and has nothing fancy on it but the teeny size of it makes me clucky every time I get it out to polish it.

Becky: My first piece was a little gold ring with a heart on that my little girl now wears x

Lina: I was given gold bracelet as a baby with my name engraved and subsequently lost it as a child on my aunty's farm. It was found around 35years later (luckily she still lives there) and returned to me very recently. It's so tiny that my 5 year won't fit it. So precious : )

Tess: A silver bracelet with an ID tag on it and a picture of a cat that I was given by my great grandmother is the first piece of jewellery that I remember and I still have it now!

Megan: A gold plated ID bracelet from my aunt 

Krissii: My first item of jewellery I got as a child were the ruby earrings that I got when I got my ears pierced. I bought them with my birthday money, because I really wanted my ears pierced. I still have them somewhere.

Lisa: A pair of sterling silver piercing studs. I was so excited because they were given to me by my mother and she told me that now we had to go and get them put in. That meant I was going to get my ears pierced. Yay. Was the most exciting thing ever.

Corinna: I remember having a gorgeous little set of gold bluebird stud earrings growing up, I had them before I was even a toddler and sooooooo wish I still had them now =(

Leah: A family tradition which continues today, all girls born in our family are given a solid gold brooch with their name engraved on it. Mine is beautiful, still in perfect condition after 35 years and the script it is written in is just gorgeous. My girls also have one each and they are worn to each special occasion.

Joanne: A gold bangle I got for my 8th birthday (30+ yrs ago) has been a treasured item. We were poor so getting something that was REAL gold really imprinted on me. I cherished it and wore it daily until it would no longer fit. My now 18yr old daughter wore it when she was little and now her 4 yr old sister wears it with pride. Miss 3 is hoping she gets a chance to wear it. Even though it no longer looks special I think they all appreciate how special it is to me. I can't wait for a grand daughter to wear this much treasured bangle.

Kara: I was given an 18kt gold bracelet with a heart charm from my Nonna when she came back from her trip to Italy, when I was a baby. My mum made me wear it a lot. I still have it, and it even has marks where I've used it as a teething ring! I've now given it to my beautiful daughter, and I hope she will add some teething marks to it too!

Melissa: I was given an expanding bangle, with engraving and my name on the inside. I still have it. Actually, I was looking for just those bangles a couple of years ago for my goddaughters for their christening and found them on your website after a long search and was so thrilled! So thank you Giddy Aunts!

Sandra: A blue bird/gold brooch pin....they still sell them today and that was given to me over 40yrs ago from my parents. ?

Cathy: I still love the double heart ring my parents gave me as a celebratory present when I became a woman ;-) My sister received one the same when it was her turn and Mum has one as well - I love that we have special jewellery that connects us and celebrates us as women (even if we can't fit them anymore) ?
Lia: A gorgeous gold bracelet with a padlock from my grandparents I still have it :)

Kirsty: A silver necklace with a bluebird. Plus a gold necklace with ballet shoes but I am not sure which I got first.

Linda: A little silver heart locket, I was about 3 and my mum and I were out shopping and she bought it for me "just because" - it is one of my sweetest first memories and I adore it until a burglar stole it 10 years ago! But he did not steal my memory of it.

Ange: My late grandfather bought me a jade tiki pendant back from new Zealand when he went there, and 16 years later it is hanging above my front door for good luck :)

Mandy: My first jewellery gift was from a young boy named Robin. He gave me a gift - I do particularly remember a cameo brooch (prob worth a fortune!) - a day for a week until his mother realised her jewellery was disappearing! I was a very happy 8 year old for short while....

Meli: My grandfather gave me a gold bracelet with a blue bird catch on it...I was a baby. It has now been my keepsake from my Granddad and has outlasted him by 24 years so far.

Christine: My mum presented me with a beautiful gold Cat Brooch which has red ruby stones where the eyes are set, it was given to my mum from my Grandmother who was a jeweller in her younger years. I only found that out a few weeks back my brother told me, I am 55 now and have recently had a jeweller turn it from a brooch into a pendant which I can wear on a chain.

Debbie: A little heart shaped signet ring with a pattern engraved on it- unfortunately the pixies wanted it one night and haven't yet returned it.

Megan: A little gold bluebird bracelet that my pop surprised me with when we went on one of our "shopping" outings to buy nan a posie. It's still one of my most treasured belongings.

Kate: The first jewellery I was ever given was a beautiful set of pearl rosary beads from my Nanna on my first communion! I still have them nearly 30 years on!

Natalie: A gold wishbone brooch with a bluebird on it. I'm now 45 and I still have it. My second niece wore it at her christening last year.

Jocelyn: I had a gold necklace that with a mother duck and her ducklings which I loved. I got it when I was only a few years old and I have now passed it onto my eldest daughter. She loves it too :)

Melissa: The bracelet my dad brought my mum when they were 16 ?

Samara : A beloved silver signet ring with my initials & a sapphire is the 1st piece I remember. But I wore a tiny gold ring as a baby & I still have it now. My daughter wore it for about a year & I'm keeping it for her children.

Eliza: Ohh mine is the gorgeous silver bluebird name brooch with my name engraved and matching silver belcher style bracelet...i still have them ?

Kristy: The first piece of jewellery I received was a silver bluebird brooch engraved with my name on my christening day. It was a gift from my Great Aunty ;)

Jessica: My first ever piece of jewellery was a gold necklace with moveable ballet slippers as the pendant. My nan bought it for my 1st birthday. She's now passed on but I still have the necklace and wear it often to this day :)

Marnie: My first piece of jewellery was a little necklace with a mother duck at the front and then three baby ducklings one after the other behind her. I think it was an Avon piece so not very expensive but tonnes of sentimental value. My mum passed away last year and when I was sorting her things I found my necklace! She had held onto it for 25 years!

Michelle: A pair of gold bluebird earrings from my grandmother. I treasure these now, as she passed just before Christmas ?

Jen: It was a sterling silver signet ring with a blue bird on it... :o)?

Helen: My first piece of jewellery was a silver twist bracelet I got for my 7th birthday. I still have it now and haven't seen anything quite the same since.

Candice: I can remember getting one of the bracelets with the little blue bird on when I was really young :)

Carol: It was a silver bangle my grandfather gave me for Christmas - the next year he passed away. Although it was something pretty to wear at the time now 35 years on it something very special to me and I hope to give it to my granddaughter to wear on her wedding day.

Nicole: My first was a silver bracelet with a small bluebird charm. I got it for my baptism as a baby. I also got a silver napkin ring, which I remember wearing as a bracelet at around age 3. No one could convince me that it wasn't supposed to be a bracelet!

Bec: My first memory was my charm bracelet...I so desperately wanted it and was over the moon when my Mum bought me one.

Louise-Anne: I had a gold ID bracelet, but, alas, it fell off one day and I never found it. I was distraught.

Elle: A gold brooch with my name engraved on it. It had the tiniest little safety chain. So sweet.

Mary: My first was a locket, which I still have - round with a blue background and a red rose. From my parents I think, as my big sis had a locket too. I still have it, along with a lot of other childhood jewellery of varying styles and types, in my beautiful wind-up ballerina jewellery case. My fairy ballerina daughter would love a locket, and at four I think she is almost the perfect age for one!

Belinda: My best friend and I were going to be separated as I was moving interstate so we bought each other best friend charms. To this day I still have mine!

Kylie: My first was a gold brooch with my name engraved and a bluebird when I was born. I also remember my first silver ring and bangle I got when I was 7 and this started my love affair with jewellery.

Katie: A little fine golden ring with a four leaf clover, sadly I lost it at school when I was a teenager... grr I should have listened to mum and never worn it!

Kylie: I don't think I wore any jewellery except for one of those bead necklaces

Donna: A gorgeous gold bangle which I realised left an interesting mark when I bit into it - doh - I kept biting and left teeth marks all the way around - my mum was devastated - I didn't get my next piece of proper jewellery from her till I was twenty one....

Sue: A gold brooch with my name engraved on it and a tiny bluebird of happiness, there was also a tiny safety chain as well.... I don't remember getting it but I remember stroking the bluebird when my Grandma was sick, I was about 3years old. I still have it!

Michelle: I had a little Gold Blue bird Bracelet with my name engraved on it (from Mum & Dad) which had a tiny bell dangling from the latch my Grandma gave to me when I was born - she still sings Michelle my Bell to me - sweet in a Granny kind of way :-0. I lost the bracelet at school in year 8 and was terrified to tell my mum. Amazingly two years later, a friend of mine found it on the school oval - very worn to the elements but other than a broken catch all good. It now rests in my jewellery box awaiting a trip to the jeweller to be repaired.

Kylie: I have a beautiful silver round disc that my dad who died when I was 9 had engraved with the side profile of my face, and the words "Baby Angel". I love it with all my heart.

Susan: It was a solid silver bracelet with little flowers engraved all around.
Katie: A Pink Pearl necklace and bracelet. Which I still have and plan on giving to my little girl for her 1st bday this Saturday!

Tamara : A gold plated identity bracelet with a little blue bird on it
Rosie: My gold baptismal pendant that my godparents bought from Italy. I'm still wearing it 34 years later :)

Danielle: My godmother gave me a gold signet ring with a sapphire - it was engraved with my initials and was the double-heart design. I still have it and it only just fits my pinky now.

Kimberley: A bluebird set that was my mothers, lil bracelet and brooch also earrings but didn't get my ears pierced til I was nearly one, I still have the set in my daughters keepsake box to give to her daughter one day.

Karen: A gold bracelet locket with s blue bird on it....I think most from my generation had one, and a brooch.

Lisa: When I was young my step dad (the only dad I ever knew) gave me a disc necklace that he had had "Lisa love Dad" 'engraved on it. Unfortunately my dad and my mother got divorced when I was only about 8 or 9 and he moved to Australia. I was still in New Zealand at the time. We lost contact and when I was 20 (just after the birth of my first child) I tracked him down. We stayed in touch for about a year and lost contact again. I moved to Australia 4 years ago and I found him again via ha ha Facebook. We have been back in regular contact now for about 18 months now. You should have seen his face when at his birthday dinner I handed him his birthday present and also a separate envelope. He opened the envelope and pulled out the locket that he had given me all those years ago. I am 32 now so I have had it for about 24 years now and still wear it every day. That is my earliest and fondest memory of childhood jewellery.

Tabatha : A little fairy bell bracelet, from my dad, my sisters and I all got different colours. He told us every time a bell rings a fairy is born.

Kareena: As a little girl I used to have the bluebird bracelet, earrings and necklace set, they were very special to me :-)

Karen: I remember being so brave getting my ears pierced when I was 5 because my Mum was so sick of my pestering and gave in to me so my earrings where my first real jewellery piece I can remember- there is no way I'd let my 3 year old get hers done at 5 though haha

Paula: I was 9 and my parents gave me a small turquoise star necklace after I was the star in a play at church. :) It was very sweet.
Tina: My gold id bracelet that had a bluebird on the clasp and said my name on one side and 'love nan & pop' on the other. My first ever piece of jewellery for my third birthday :)

Natasha: My first piece of jewellery was a silver bracelet I am wearing in a photo that is on mum and dad's wall, the first piece I actually remember having is a silver signet ring from my mum x

Amanda: A silver brooch with 'Amanda' engraved on it from my Nanna on the day I was born. She passed a year before my wedding and I clipped it on my white duffle bag to remember her on my special day!

Kerri: My Nana gave me a bluebird locket. Have had it for 46 years. Haven't worn it for a long time too scared to lose it~ Nana passed away in 1980.

Steph: I had these rings when I was about 5 or 6 years old. They were gold with Ruby I think (fake, of course!) I adored them! We went to the beach one day, my Mum suggested I take them off before entering the ocean. I didn't. Unfortunately, I los...t my rings that day, I was so upset. I remember my mum and dad looking in the shallow sand and waves for the lost rings. My mum told me that they must have come off and the Ocean Fairies collected them and took them back to their cave. I was so upset, but since then, I haven't worn jewellery in the ocean!

Emily: I have a gold locket bracelet with a little blue bird on it that I got from my parents. I now plan on passing it onto my daughter who was born last year.

Kym: It was a jewellery belt! I love it so much it had a special place in my draw, it had all different things hanging from it like whistles, and little clowns, and lockets. I wish I still had it now it would be so in!

Jodie: I got a charm bracelet from my parents and loved it so much I took it to school for show and tell, it never made it home lost or I always thought someone stole it :-(
Tracey: First piece was a gold signet ring with a little red ruby & my initials as well, a special gift from my father. I eventually had to have it cut off. It still sits proudly in my jewellery case. My most treasured piece.

Tori: I had all of the bluebird jewellery! - bluebird, earrings, ring, and charm bracelet! Now I have passed that on to my own daughter!

Do you remember your first piece of jewellery? Please comment below, we would love to hear about it!


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