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Charms - what are they?

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How Do You Wear a Charm?

The world of charms can be fascinating and delightful, but sometimes the endless possibilities can be confusing.   Never fear, your Giddy Aunts are here to help! In a nutshell, a charm is a symbolic piece of jewellery that can be added to another piece of jewellery or keepsake to represent a person, place or event.

Traditionally, charms were added to bracelets, one by one over many years, to tell a story of life's milestones and special moments.  Today you can also create themed or ready-to-wear charm bracelets.
charm bracelet

While charms are usually worn on chains, with the amazing variety of charms available these days there is no need to limit yourself!  Create your own symbolic gifts by turning a little charm into one of the following:
  • pendant
  • bead
  • clip-on
  • lapel pin
  • earrings
  • ring
  • bookmark
  • keyring... or browse through our Charm Attaching Options for more ideas!
Create a keepsake to commemorate a special occasion, or create multiple keepsakes for sporting teams, corporate groups or the whole school!
All Oh My Giddy Aunt's keepsake charms are available in sterling silver or solid 9ct or 18ct yellow, rose or white gold, and most are made in Australia. If you can't find the charm you are after, contact us and we will find it, or make it, for you!


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