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Caring for Pearl Jewellery

Pearl bracelets for adults and childrenDo you know how to care properly for pearls? Even though pearls are remarkably durable and we think of them as 'gems', a pearl is not a rock. Pearls are organic gems that require the right TLC and these simple tips will help keep your precious pearls as pearly as can be!

Pearl jewellery can be worn at all ages and stages and with the right care they'll retain their lustre and can be worn for many generations. A first pearl bracelet or necklace is a beautiful way to introduce children to precious jewellery, especially as pearls can be restrung and extended as the wearer grows.

Pearls are usually strung on thread or silk, and the more they are worn, the more they will 'wear and tear'.  Pearls that are worn occasionally or for special events may not need to be re threaded very often, however pearls that are worn on a weekly basis may need to be rethreaded every few years to keep them secure.

Wear Pearls

pearl children's jewelleryTip #1 is to wear and love your pearls! The body's natural oils help keep pearls lustrous however there are some times when you should avoid wearing them.  Please don't wear them while playing sports or swimming as perspiration, chlorinated water, soaps and detergents can dull pearls or damage clasps and thread.

Clean Your Pearls

No need for chemicals or cleaning solutions - just plain water!  Simply wipe your pearls gently with a soft, damp cloth every now and again to keep them clean. 

Check Your Pearls

pearl earringsPearl strands, bracelets and necklaces, should be checked and re-threaded to avoid broken threads as threads become frail or brittle over time. If a knotted strand of pearls breaks you may only lose one pearl as the rest will remain in place.  Pearls that are threaded on to elastic or thread may have you hunting on the floor if there is a break.  It is for this reason that precious pearls, and pearls that will be worn by children, are best individually knotted. In this case, if there is a break usually only one or two pearls will come off.

Pearl earrings and pendants that dingle dangle should also be checked to make sure that hooks and loops have not worn through.

Please Don't Perfume Your Pearls

Pearls are porous. Make-up, hair products, deodorants, sunscreens, perfumes and moisturisers can  dull the lustre of pearls or cause marks or spots over time.  The solution is simple - apply makeup etc before you put on your pearls, and avoid spraying perfume or applying lotion where you intend to wear your pearls.  As our great giddy aunts always said "Pearls should be the last thing you put on as you go out the door, and the first thing you take off as you come in the door".  Simple!

Store Your Pearlsnecklace with pearl

To avoid scratches it is best to store pearls in their own soft bag or jewellery box, away from other jewellery items that might scratch or mark them.  If you are going to store pearls for a long time don't use coloured boxes or pouches as pearls can absorb some colours.

Love Your Pearls

No instructions needed for this one.  There is a pearl for every occasion and an occasion for every pearl.  Pearls are always in style so choose the pearls you love, give them a little TLC and you will have a love story to last!




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