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Bella Donna Silver Harmony Ball Guarantee & Affirmations

Bella Donna Silver's Harmony Balls

sterling silver harmony ballsOh My Giddy Aunt has been selling harmony and chime balls since 1993, online since 2003 and the Bella Donna Silver range is still the best we've seen. Fabulous quality, amazing designs, produced by people who really care about what they do. Australian business owners Donna and Jason work closely with traditional Harmony Ball and sterling silver artisans in Bali, Nepal and Thailand to help build sustainable jewellery businesses for small local jewellers and bring the Harmony Ball magic to the world.  Bella Donna Silver is committed to customer care and providing a fair return for the makers of these precious pieces and their communities and all of their harmony balls are covered by a Lifetime Workmanship and 100% Happiness Guarantee (excluding wear and tear) for customers too. You can find many cheaper or imitation balls these days but if you are purchasing a ball to treasure, it is important to choose sterling silver and a reputable seller.

What are Harmony Balls Used For?

harmony ball necklaceHarmony Balls, also called Dream Balls by the Balinese because of the dreamy state the sound can evoke, have been used since ancient times. Used for many things including relaxation and meditation, the tone of the Harmony Balls are soothing to the soul and helps promote inner balance and harmony.
Often given by friends and family as a keepsake to represent their timeless love and friendship, and so the wearer will know they are loved each time the hear the little tinkle!
The balls are also worn by expectant mothers to reassure their unborn baby, and so newborn babies will recognise the sound of their mother's Harmony Ball when they are born.  

What is a Harmony Ball Made From?

Bella Donna Silver's harmony balls are made using a unique chiming bell that contains a tiny Balinese xylophone which creates the magical sound.  The bell inside the pendant is made from brass and the ball or locket design is made from sterling silver.  Each Harmony Ball is individually handmade and sizes or patterns may vary slightly.

How Long Will A Harmony Ball Last?

harmony ball guaranteeBella Donna Silver take pride in their jewellery and are pleased to offer the following commitment:
Jewellery treated with the care instructions below will last many years and Bella Donna Silver jewellery offer a Life Time guarantee to those who follow this advice.
1. Sterling Silver jewellery may oxidise and tarnish. To prevent this, please try to avoid contact with perfume, hairspray, household cleaning products, chlorinated water in pools and spas.
2. Keep your silver jewellery clean by gently wiping over with a silver jewellery cleaning cloth. 
3. Remove jewellery before bed, swimming or showering. Sterling Silver is naturally a soft metal so please treat your jewellery gently when you wear and remove it.
4. Gemstones and pearls can crack and chip when dropped.

Why Do Harmony Balls Have Affirmations?

Affirmations such as Love, Prosperity and Peace enable us to set our intention and attention towards positive manifestation and potential.  Each time a harmony ball is worn you can set your intention for yourself or for the world, and you will be gently reminded each time you hear the little tinkle. Each Bella Donna Silver Harmony Balls is designed in association with meaningful affirmations. 
ABUNDANCE - Prosperity, Success, Love, Family and Friendship
ANGEL - Peace, Love and Kindness
ANTIQUE - Wisdom, Beauty, Artistic and Creative 
ANTIQUE SILVER LACE - Artistic, Patience and Wisdom
BELLA - Beauty, Celebration, Style and Elegance
BLISS - Happiness, Confidence, Joy and Wellbeing
BRONZE - Love, Strength and Wisdom
CIRCLES - Unity, Travel and Life's Journey
CLASSIC HEART - Love, Joy, Nurture and Courage
COPPER LOTUS - Transformation, Spontaneity, Love and Peace
COSMIC - Travel, Possibility, Leadership and Peace 
FLEUR DE LYS - Confidence, Possibility and Peace
FOUR LEAF CLOVER - Transformation, Confidence and Prosperity
GLOBE - Travel, Peace, Leadership and Transformation
GODDESS - Wisdom, Leadership, Nurture and Love
HAPPINESS - Joy, Excitement, Family and Contentment
HARMONY - Tranquility, Prosperity, Love and Balance
HEARTS - Love, Kindness, Nurture, Friendship and Courage
KORU - Creation, Strength and Peace
LANTERN - Faith, Love and Brightness
LOVE - Passion, Happiness, Joy and Romance
PAPAYA - Love, Health, Nurture and Wellbeing
PLAIN BALL - Clarity and Elegance
SILVER HEARTS - Love, Patience and Strength 
SILVER FRANGIPANI - Faith, Love and Elegance
SILVER LACE - Patience, Creative and Strength
SILVER TEARDROP ANTIQUE -  Happiness, Wisdom and Creative
WATER LILY - Love, Peace and Wellbeing
WAVES - Love, Elegance and Peace
Please see the full Bella Donna Range or let us know if you need any help finding the one you would like.


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