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Ballet Slippers Forever

Pointes of Interest!


  • Ballet Slippers or Ballet Shoes are called Pointe Shoes.
  • During perfomances, male ballet dancers can lift more than a ton of ballerinas! 
  • It can take over ten metres of net and over 60 hours of work to make a tutu. 
  • When a ballet dancer jumps on pointe, the tip of her big toe carries three times her body weight.
  • Dancers, cellists, bassists, violinists and baseball pitchers all rub rosin on their "tools of the trade" to stop slipping. 
  • Ballet began in Paris, France in 1661. 
  • Male dancers in Italy are called ballerinos. Men and boys who dance classical ballet in Australia are called (male) ballet dancers.
  • To help Romanian police officers direct traffic with ease and grace, they were sent to ballet classes. (Source: Queensland Ballet)

Whether you dance, have danced or dance in your dreams; the magic of ballet is a love that stays throughout life.  Oh My Giddy Aunt's Ballet themed jewellery is made in sterling silver or solid gold to last throughout life too.  We've listed a few here, or if you have an idea for a special piece contact us and we'll be happy to help. 






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