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Baby Name Jewellery - Brooch or Bracelet?

baby brooch and braceletBaby Naming Day ceremonies such as Christenings and Baptisms are traditionally commemorated with a precious or forever keepsake, personalised with Baby's name for posterity, but how do you choose the right keepsake?

The following information may help you decide.

 Traditional Baby Name Jewellery 

The most popular Baby Name Australian jewellery pieces are ID name bracelets and engraved name brooches.  Brooches and bracelets have been in pride of place for generations and generations!  The baby brooches and name bracelets being hand-engraved this year are very similar the ones that were personalised for babies 100 or more years ago! Bracelets and brooches are popular because they can be worn by baby boys or girls, they are flexible in terms of sizing and in solid 9ct gold or sterling silver they are a precious keepsake designed to be kept throughout life.


Do you Engrave the Full Name or First Name? 

Hand-engraving names is usually influenced by the amount of space on the item to be engraved. Smaller jewellery pieces are usually engraved with the first name only. 

Larger Christening and Naming Day keepsakes such as Mugs or Baby Spoons may be engraved with the full name, and sometimes the special occasion, a date and a message of love too!




How to Wear a Baby Brooch

A baby brooch is not an everyday piece of jewellery.  It is often worn for Christening, Naming Day or First Birthday celebrations, or when baby is attending a special occasion for someone else! 

Baby Brooches are always popular because they are forever pieces of jewellery engraved with a name that will last forever. 

You also don't need to know baby's size to choose a brooch as a brooch fits everyone!  Most people will pin a brooch at chest level on baby's clothing, however a brooch can also look very cute on a little hat or headband!




What Size is a Baby Bracelet?

bluebird bracelet with nameBracelets are a popular jewellery choice for baby jewellery as many offer options to be worn at different sizes.  Most baby bracelets are around 15cm or 16cm in length and some will have an additional loop along the links that can be used to fasten the bracelet at a smaller size.  Other bracelets are adult size (19cm) but have solid, soldered links so the bracelet can be fastened at different sizes as baby grows. 

What to do when Baby Grows out of Baby Jewellery?

Babies can grow out of jewellery in size and style.  Few people may still wear baby-themed brooches into adulthood unless it is a timeless design, however some baby name brooches are also used in bridal bouquets as the "something old" or passed on to the next generation.  Some baby brooches can also be transformed into an adult sized ID bracelet if you have a helpful jeweller!  Some tiny baby bracelets may be kept as keepsake reminders of the baby-days, however depending on the style of a baby bracelet there are a few things you can do to extend the baby bracelet length and wearing life.

If you are looking for ideas or inspiration for the next first little milestone for someone special in the story of your life, contact us and we will be very happy to help you choose just the right keepsake.


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