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Baby Brooches - Sterling Silver, Solid Gold or Gold Plated?

baby brooch engravedPrecious baby brooches engraved with names or dates are traditional gifts for Christenings, Naming Days, first birthdays and milestones.  A baby brooch is often baby's first precious piece of jewellery and a keepsake to treasure.  An engraved baby brooch is a permanent record of baby's name and deciding on the best precious metal for this important little keepsake is much easier with a little information.



Christenings, Naming Days & Special Occasions

A baby brooch is usually worn specially to celebrate the early milestones of babyhood and childhood and some beautiful brooches can also be worn into adulthood. 

All babies and young children must be supervised when wearing any jewellery and brooches are favoured as they are be pinned to baby's clothing and not worn around the neck.  Babies are less likely to remove a brooch than a bangle or a bracelet - but never say never! All babies need strict supervision around any sort of metal or small moving pieces.

Choosing Baby Brooch Precious Metal

baby brooch coloursAn engraved brooch is a keep forever record of baby's name so they are usually made in precious keep forever metals.  The most popular options for baby brooches are Sterling silver, Yellow, Rose, Pink or White 9ct gold or Hard Gold Plated Sterling Silver.

Sterling silver or 9ct white gold is the choice for people who prefer the silver/white metal colours.

Solid 9ct gold or Hard Gold Plate is the choice for people who prefer the golden yellow or rose colours, however there are factors other than appearance to consider. 

Sterling Silver, Solid Gold or Gold Plated? 

Sterling silver is the most affordable precious metal and treated properly with an occasional polish it will last a lifetime... or even several!  Solid 9ct gold is also a 'forever metal' and can be polished and worn throughout life and passed on to the next generation to continue telling baby's story.  Solid gold is a valuable metal and will retain value over the years. 

Hard Gold Plated Baby Brooches are usually made in sterling silver first and plated with a hard-wearing coating of Yellow, Rose or Pink gold so they look like a gold brooch but have the value of sterling silver. Hard Gold Plated jewellery is not as expensive as solid gold jewellery but the plating will wear off over time or with inappropriate cleaning.

Most Oh My Giddy Aunt Jewellery is only available in solid gold or sterling silver, however we make an exception for hard gold plated baby brooches and a couple of other pieces of baby jewellery that may not have to withstand wear and tear like other keepsake jewellery pieces.

Engraving a Name Brooch for Baby

hand engraved baby broochesAll brooches can be hand-engraved  but different metals will have slightly different results.  Engraving solid sterling silver or 9ct gold means the name will appear in the same metal as the brooch as the brooch is the same metal all the way through. engraved gold plated baby brooch name

Engraving into a gold plated brooch will reveal the sterling silver or base metal under the gold plating.  Engraved plated brooches still look lovely, however they must be cleaned with care and not with any products designed to clean solid gold as it may remove the plating.

Cost of Solid Gold Vs Gold Plated

solid gold baby broochThere is a big difference between the cost of a solid gold brooch and a plated brooch, but as brooches are usually just a little bar it is often an affordable way to give baby their first piece of real and precious metal to keep always. 

The bigger or heavier the brooch, the more gold is required to make it and the more it will cost. These days two tone, or mixed and married metal options are very popular and it is possible to add a tiny 9ct gold Cross or initial to a sterling silver brooch to have the best of both worlds.

engraved baby brooch with charmOh My Giddy Aunt has a beautiful range of baby brooches to suit every desire, including the iconic Bluebird of Happiness brooches in solid gold, sterling silver and gold plate.  We custom make a range of solid gold brooches in 9ct rose, yellow or white gold in addition to stocking a full range of readymade and ready to send brooches in solid gold, sterling silver or hard gold plate. 

If you are still having trouble deciding on the right brooch for baby's special occasion please contact us and we will be very happy to help!


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