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Baby Bangle Styles

A baby bangle is a traditional precious keepsake, but which style should you choose? You may know if you'd like sterling silver or 9ct yellow, rose or white gold, but take the confusion out of choosing the right baby bangle style with Giddy Aunt's "Bangles Made Simple" points!




Solid Baby Bangles

solid baby bangleSolid bangles are made from solid piece round, oval, half-round or flat shaped wire.  Solid bangles are put on over the hand. Solid bangles stay the size they are although they can be extended by a jeweller soldering an additional piece in the bangle as baby grows.


Tubular Baby Bangles

golf bangle gold or silverTubular or golf bangles look the same as solid round or oval baby bangles but they are made from a hollow tube rather than solid wire and so are a little lighter and do not use as much precious metal as solid bangles to make. This means they are very affordable but hollow bangles can't be easily resized, and are usually kept as a baby size keepsake or passed on to the next baby in the family.




Opening and Hinged Baby Bangles

hinged bangles babyHinged bangles open and click closed. As baby's hand grows the bangle will still fit as it can be put on over the wrist rather than the hand.  Hinged bangles are a great option for 9ct gold bangles to ensure baby can wear it for as long as possible.






Baby Cuffs & Torques

id cuff baby bangleOpen ended cuffs also go over the wrist and can be gently adjusted by squeezing as baby grows, but as these bangles have open ends it is important to take care they don't get caught in clothing.




Expanding Baby Bangles

expanding baby bangleThese bangles have an extra length that double backs on itself so it can be expanded as baby grows. gold expanding baby bangle 

An expanding bangle is a popular style made out of a solid piece of metal that still has a little flexibility. 






All Oh My Giddy Aunt's baby bangles can be personalised with hand engraving or additional charms.  Flat and Half-Round bangles can be laser engraved with messages too!

Baby bangles are jewellery not toys, and it is important that children under three only wear jewellery under adult supervision.  Jewellery should always be removed when baby is playing, sleeping or in the water.


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