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Attention Sapphire Birthstone Fanciers!

sapphire ringJewellery can be personalised with engraved names or by attaching charms, symbols and adding stones that say something about the wearer.  Birthstones are a traditional way to commemorate the month of birth. September is all about the Sapphire, but what does it mean? Tradition has it that September's Sapphire birthstone is the stone for wisdom:

A maiden born when autumn leaves
Are rustling in September's breeze,
A Sapphire on her brow should bind;
To bring her joy and peace of mind.   
Other cultures believe that sapphires have properties such as wisdom, healing, calming, friendship, loyalty, sincerity and faithfulness. Sapphires are often used for engagement rings and also feature in 5th and 45th anniversary gifts. 

signet ring stoneThe word sapphire comes from Latin and Greek words meaning "blue", but sapphires can actually be all shades of blue, yellow, black, white, orange, pink, brown and colourless.  Blue is usually the colour we think of first when think of the stone and an ancient Persian story says the earth rests on a giant sapphire and that the sky is a reflection of this stone. Just imagine!

Stunning sapphires are found in Australia but they're also found in other countries including Ceylon, Thailand, Australia, India, Burma, Africa, and Brazil. One of the most famous sapphires is the "Star of India," a sapphire of 563 carats, safely tucked inside New York's Museum of Natural History.

Sapphires can be set in charms, signet rings, mother's rings and all styles of birthstone jewellery to celebrate the stone and the people who wear them.



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